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Welcome to another edition of the Hooniverse Obscure Muscle Car Garage, in which I highlight a car that I think is a Muscle Car, and then try and convince you that it belongs in the Garage. I could never call them muscle cars but they are sexy in a way that only the 70's could be. A friend of mine once observed how her legs didn't touch in the middle, and usually pointed out that feature in other women, like when walking in the mall. With the technology available today, it's highly plausible that the King Cobra and Roadhawk could become actual muscle cars. And using that logic then, this is a muscle car because it uses the engine normally found in a larger car (the XC-90).
I want to bring to your attention something peculiar about Chrysler during this time period. A riding buddy of mine (who is about 10 years older than me) once pointed out that the 1970s occupied the time AFTER development of the pill and BEFORE to the emergence of AIDS*. I have nothing against the seventies, the decade which produced the genuinely fast Aston Martin V8 Vantage, the 911 Turbo, commercial service on the Concorde, and Pam Grier. Fast forward to a few months ago, and there was a very well-preserved Super Coupe in the next lane of rush hour traffic.
I know the market and demographics were chnaging, and there were the new regulations, not to mention the OPEC embrago. A few people were running the kit cars in ASA and other series in the upper Midwest contemporaneously.
I had a 1976 Plymouth Volare it was a great car but for the area we lived in the dealer said there were no options available , guess he was a liar, anyways it only had a 225 slant six but it ran great, put over 200,000 on it to bad the unibody frame rotted out. My first car was a 78 Volare which my parents bought new and I received in 1985 with 48k actual miles and like New condition. If that is a picture of a 426 head, as it is labeled, it is more similar to the 392 than I had thought. Check out Street Legal TV for a piece on the 1964 Plymouth Belvedere with the Commando and this beautiful, restored to original condition example. Richard Petty’s Daytona-winning 1964 Plymouth Belvedere replica was featured in the April issue of Hot Rod Magazine, which also has a good article on the 426 Hemi. Bangshift, along with Hot Rod Chassis and Cycle in Addison, Illinois, have started a build they have named Project Violent Valiant. Performance cars were waning in the late 70?s due to emission regulations and two fuel embargoes, but Chrysler still tried to create a performance image for the “F” body cars, known as the Plymouth Volare and Dodge Aspen. The top engine spec was the 4 barrel 360 CID V-8, rated at (are you kidding) 170 HP, but with over 280 lb.ft of torque. These cars had the 360 V-8 (with 175 HP), heavy-duty suspension, black dual racing mirrors, 15 X 8-inch GT wheels on GR60 X 15 raised white letter tires, black urethane painted front and rear bumpers, rear anti-sway bar, special black and dark brown paint treatment, wheel opening flares, front and rear spoilers, quarter window louvers, and special striping and insignia. The Street Kit Car package was Chrysler’s attempt at capitalizing on Richard Petty’s racing efforts.
In 0-60 times, the car magazines of the day revealed that the 1977 2bbl 360-engined Aspen was competitive with the 350-four bbl Camaro Z28 and Corvette L82, as well as the Pontiac Trans Am with a 400-four bbl.

In fact, a company called A-Team Racing LLC recently built a Mustang II with a custom tube chassis and a Triton V-10. The whole idea of a muscle car is that it's a lightweight car (versus others for sale at the same time) with an engine typically used in larger, heavier cars.
Take a look at the Super Coupe ad image (3rd image from the top), and notice that those damned chrome turn signal repeaters are on this particular car. But, how did Chrysler go from making some of the most beautiful cars ever (Challenger, Charger, even the fuselage Fury) to making these ugly things so quickly? I believe a fellow named Jim Cushman had some success with a car in the blue scheme Polar posted.
It came into the world quietly, grew to intimidate the competition with big blocks, hemispherical combustion chambers and SCCA racing, then bowed out quietly just as the fuel crisis hit.
Those of you without a subscription (or who are unwilling to head down to the newsstand), check out this site, which has a ton of photos and information about the car. These cars had an ever-growing reputation for poor quality, and numerous recalls, so Chrysler was eager to spruce up their image any way they could. These cars were never meant to be giants at the drag strip, but they were supreme highway cruisers that could knock out the miles better than most of their contemporaries. They are also extremely rare, as only 531 Aspen Super Coupes and 494 Volare Road Runner Super Coupes were produced.
The package included wheel flares, front and rear spoilers, side window louvers, #43 door and roof decals (which were delivered in the trunk to be added by the dealer), special two-tone blue paint (for Plymouth) or red paint (for Dodge), and various stripes to try and make the car look like a race car. In the quarter mile, the Aspen was a bit slower by the clock, but faster through the traps than the GM trio.
He also told me that's also why he never had the time or attention to devote to motorcycles until he turned 40. I know people personally who had rust issues fixed UNDER WARRANTY on Chevrolet trucks of the same era, now that’s quality issues!
In February 1964 at the Daytona 500, Chrysler unleashed a new engine for teams running Dodge and Plymouth cars in NASCAR’s Grand National series. This one appears to have been on the market for a few years, judging by the various videos. This was the first drag win ever for a factory built 426 Hemi car at a major sanctioned race.
You could opt for the 2 barrel 318 CID V-8, with only 150 HP, and you would get a superbly reliable power plant with the option of a 4 speed stick. Power brakes, steering, and automatic transmission were required additional options with the Street Kit Car package.
Chrysler made sure that each and every publicity image car was equipped with this particular option. Though the Chrysler-powered racers had previously been uncompetitive on superspeedways, the new Unfortunately for Chrysler, Richard Petty jumped ship and began racing GM cars by the time the Street Kit Car package became available, resulting in very few being sold.

They were even available on the new Dodge Omni and Plymouth Horizon for a brief period of time. Hemi V-8 was a game-changer, and the 1964 Daytona 500 saw 426 Hemi-powered cars cross the finish line in first, second and third position, as well as claim two more spots in the top 10. It is bored 60 over, has source 440 custom billet aluminum heads and pistons, variable duration lifters, gapless rings. Highly prized by MOPAR collectors, only around 247 Volare Street Kit Cars and 145 Aspen Street Kit Cars were built. Though few spectators realized it at the time, they witnessed the birth of an engine that would become a performance legend on racetracks, drag strips and back streets across America, and would inspire a year-long celebration of the engine half a century later. Comment away, and while you’re at it, why not suggest an obscure muscle car for a future posting?
Dodge and Plymouth only won a total of 26 races, while Ford and Mercury won 35 and the Manufactures Championship!
Hemispherical heads had been in use in European race engines back to the turn of the century, while Chrysler’s first generation hemi-head engine lasted from 1951 through 1958, ultimately dropped in favor of wedge-head V-8s that were comparable in power but lighter, easier and less expensive to build.
By 1962, however, Chrysler was looking for a way to gain the upper hand in NASCAR Grand National competition, and a directive came down from new Chrysler president Lynn Townshend after Pontiacs Fords dominated the 1963 Daytona 500: Chrysler would have an engine that would win the 1964 Daytona 500. It has a 294 posi rear for highway driving, but can still light up the rear tires effortlessly.
It is a very good driving car on the highway and there is not much I am afraid to take on light to light. But NASCAR let MoPars experimental engine run for two years when the rules clearly state that only production engines can run. All gauges work including the clock still keeps good time–all the car really needs is a gas tanker to follow it.
I wanted this particular color and interior and I diddn’t want a car full of bondo and a lot of rust issues to deal with. With the NASCAR Grand National series off the table in 1965, Chrysler turned to drag racing the 426 Hemi.
In street trim, the engine was rated at an output of 425 horsepower, though a few simple modifications could easily push it beyond 500 horsepower. The exceptions to this rule were a pair of limited-production vehicles produced in 1968 only, when Chrysler, in partnership with Hurst, built a limited number of Plymouth Barracudas and Dodge Darts powered by a 426 Race Hemi. Though Chrysler discontinued the 426 Hemi in 1971, it remains around today in various forms, thanks to its continued use in NHRA competition and aftermarket shops like Keith Black Racing Engines that have since taken on limited-scale production of the Hemi. To pay tribute to the 50th anniversary of the second-generation 426 HEMI V-8, Chrysler announced this week that it will kick off a year-long nationwide celebration tied to various events including key NHRA races, the Carlisle Mopar Nationals and the 2014 Autorama in Detroit, Michigan. The Mopar Nationals in Columbus, Ohio, has also announced plans to celebrate the Hemi at its 2014 event.

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