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When you step inside, there will be no need for your hand-held devices to keep you occupied until your meal arrives. As the name implies, the restaurant is known for their array of tasty hamburgers that can be personalized and made-to-order, but the cooks at the Hamburger Factory Restaurant can also whip up crispy bacon, buttermilk biscuits, fluffy pancakes and a mean egg scramble that won’t break the bank. Play: After that hearty breakfast, step back in time and take a vintage train ride on the Poway-Midland Railroad. Insider tip: Be on the look-out for a newly-restored 1906 San Francisco Cable Car, which is expected join the equipment roster in the coming months. Old Poway Park Famer’s Market:  Come rain or shine every Saturday from 8am until 1pm and you will find rows of tented vendors selling everything from fresh produce to hummus, and just about everything in-between. Heritage Museum: Housing historical artifacts pertaining to Poway and dating as far back as the pioneer days, the Poway Historical Memorial Society provides your family with an educational blast from the past. Nelson House Museum: Take a step back in time and tour the Niles Nelson Poway residence, originally built in the late 1800s.
Poway-Midland Railroad Train Shed: Just a few feet from the blacksmith shop stands the train shed where the historical trains are stored. Veterans Park: A memorial honoring past, present, and future veterans of the United States Military is open year-round and located on Midland Road and Adrian Street, across the street from the train shed. Picnic Area: In addition to the farmer’s markets, train ride, and museums, the Old Poway Park offers a large, serene area to simply come and relax with family and friends.
As Localism posts go, I do quite a few of them showing different community assets and especially some of the marvelous events that take place at each one. I did a post of the event with photos of some of the marvelous characters as part of the Gold Rush Days re-enacment.
So in the spirit of Localism and highlighting some of the wonderful assets of a local community called Poway, here are some photos of the Old Poway Railroad and Museum and why I just love visiting it.
William - what I love about your posts, Localism or otherwise, is how you bring the reader there with your beautiful photos.

The country-cottage decor will have everyone at your table pointing out various eclectic wall-hangings, ranging from dressed-up stuffed bears to old mining pans. Kids will love peeking at the colorful fruit and glorious baked goods (grab a homemade muffin to tide the little ones over until lunch). See how families lived and dressed during this time period…don’t forget your bonnets! Learn how metal objects, such as railroad tie spikes, were made from wrought iron and witness live demonstrations of metal work art.
The area is first-come, first-served and the family can picnic or barbeque, enjoy a summer concert in the park’s large white gazebo, gaze at the koi pond, or just read a book in the shade. Sign up for our picks for the best things to see, do, eat and explore with your kids in SoCal. One such place is the Old Poway Park where an event  this past weekend celebrated the re-enactment of the Days of the California Gold Rush.
What I didn't show so much of was the Old Poway Railroad in the park itself and how it lent itself to these awesome events and atmosphere of times long past. One of the coolest things is that right at the edge of the Old Poway Park itself is a restaurant styled reminiscent of the Old Town Era.
So good I can't decide which I like the best.  Thanks for sharing another great feature of Poway!
The Old Poway Railroad is yet another wonderful place to visit, taking you back in time to a simpler time.
The fun thing about localism posts is that we all get to become familiar with an area we may  know little about.
Whenever a photo looks like or reminds us of a postcard, it is probably the ultimate compliment.
I hadn't thought about it before specifically but it is the trees that make such a difference.

All my photos are about the  joy of living here and experiencing all this and then of course wanting to capture it to share. I meant to look it up when I was doing the post and learn the significance but I was so busy I forgot.
When I was back east, I went to SteamTown and if you want to see a turn table, it was the most elaborate one I have ever seen. I love that Poway has preserved all this and makes it so easily accessible to the community. Kids receive a packet of crayons and a coloring placemat menu, while die-hard sports fans are kept occupied with several televisions around the room that are tuned-in to those all-important sports games.
If you’ve got locomotive lovers in your family, check out the annual $35 family membership, which offers unlimited train rides for 2 adults and up to five children, plus a discount on all Depot Store merchandise, including the familiar Thomas The Tank Engine and Dinosaur Train toy brands, conductor hats, and train whistles.
Since it’s a Certified Farmers’ Markets (CFM), farmers sell their locally grown fruit and vegetables directly to you.
The reasoning behind it, is that through our lives, we relied on them to be able to share our experiences to those we cared the most about.
AR had a stroke of brillance when they recognised that all real estate is local very early in the game long before other networks did. I'd love to enjoy spending an afternoon at the Old Poway Railroad and grabbing a bit to eat in the park's restaurant. The Old Poway Park allows for endless fun without the hassle of schlepping your brood around.
Read on to discover what this amazing spot has to offer (hint: pancakes, trains, and a farmers market awaits).

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