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If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck then it must be a duck – so the saying goes, but it is not true. The first has all the timemtables of all trains in the Netherlands, plus prices, plus information about trainstations. If you would like to speak to a human, the OV service shop in Amsterdam Central Station is a good option. Canberrans value how easy it is to move through the city and the fact there is little traffic congestion. As the population grows, we must ensure ease of access to the City and transport convenience.
We need to establish a street hierarchy that allows for the most efficient use of our roads and facilitates ease and choice of movement. The proposed Capital Metro will be transformative for Canberra, providing a great opportunity to deliver sustainable, rapid transport options and improved movement into and through the City.
However, to ensure a future, effective connection to south and east Canberra, a route through the City must be reserved now. To meet the needs of future generations and improve the City’s economic potential, we must consider how we allow the City to grow and link to the national area and maximise the relationship with the lake. To meet the community's needs, parking must be economically efficient and located where it is needed, particularly where it provides good access to business and services.
We can also introduce shared parking arrangements that allow for efficient, sustainable redevelopment of older buildings and maximise the day and night time use of public parking.
To ensure a level of car parking is retained in the City in a cost effective way, several measures will need to be investigated.
Managing all modes of traffic more effectively will help improve the pedestrian environment.
Most cities have a premier address where businesses vie for space; for example, the Avenue de Champs-Elysees in Paris, Swanston Street in Melbourne and Elizabeth Street in Sydney.
There has been preliminary work to consider how Parkes Way can be improved to make it easier to connect the City to West Basin and Lake Burley Griffin and create an urban waterfront.
It is possible to modify Parkes Way and retain its function as the key east–west distributor in the metropolitan network.
Question: What are the key issues that an integrated and sustainable parking strategy should address? Designed to show commuters how to reach the same destination as before but using a different route.

Purchase through our links to support the charities we support through our affiliate programs. This discussion paper looks at how transport is integral to sustaining the City as a vibrant centre where it is easy to do business and to socialise and is a pleasant place to live and move about. A lot of traffic comes in and through the City as people come to work and shop, conduct business, visit attractions and travel between north and south Canberra.
This hierarchy must define routes for buses and light rail so they move quickly and conveniently.
While Parkes Way is the major east–west metropolitan distributor, it is an obstacle and barrier to linking the City with Lake Burley Griffin. The City to the Lake project has been considering this and proposes options for how this area could be developed. A parking contribution fund is a mechanism where developers make a contribution if they are unable to meet their own parking requirements. Commuter cycling is increasing and the on road cycle lanes provide direct routes into the City. New cycle ways and cycle priority in the City will continue to improve the highly valued cycle network and ensure links are made with public transport interchanges. However, there is very little pedestrian connectivity, particularly between City east and west and the City and the lakeside parks.
In establishing a street hierarchy for the City, how could we create this character for London Circuit and make it the City’s premier business street? Vernon Circle, while providing the most direct access through the City, also creates a barrier to east–west movements. Using Vernon Circle puts light rail in the centre of the City and ensures it moves efficiently through the City. However, it requires substantial investment that must be made as part of an integrated land use and transport plan for the City. Providing parking requires mechanisms and processes that ensure parking is cost effective for the community and improves access to places and business in the City. Revenue from these affiliate programs is split between the charities we have as paying clients at the end of each financial year. People must also be able to move easily within the City to enjoy its iconic facilities, services and green spaces. Initially, light rail will link Gungahlin with the City, with Northbourne Avenue providing an excellent opportunity for this rapid transport.

Vernon Circle offers the potential for a more rapid, convenient service and also allows for interchanges to be created in the centre of the City close to where people work, providing convenient transfer for cyclists, and giving safe, direct pedestrian access to City Hill.
The Griffin Legacy, prepared by the National Capital Authority, identified the opportunity for the City to extend to the edge of West Basin.
Given the location and significance of these sites, it will be important to decide what uses are appropriate and how best to continue to provide public parking that will serve the adjacent businesses and community facilities and support a sustainable transport network. The City Cycle Loop provides the opportunity for cyclists with less confidence to access the City more safely. It is already a key street with many businesses and important buildings, including the Legislative Assembly. Analysis work considering how Vernon Circle can be modified indicates the potential to incorporate public transport and still serve through traffic. The City to the Lake project proposes an approach to reduce the barrier of Parkes Way and connect to the lake. We must guide where car parking should be located and how it can be managed and provide an estimated timeline for delivery. With Canberra's growth, pressure will continue to increase at the interchange and traffic congestion points.
The National Capital Authority's 2006 West Basin amendment allows the city to extend to the lake with a mixture of businesses, residential, recreation and tourist activities. This system must incorporate the streets and open spaces if it is to improve pedestrian access. London Circuit provides connection between City east and west and recognises the Griffin Plan for movement through the city. Priority must be given to pedestrians in all decisions regarding the design of these spaces. We could reinforce these attributes by allowing on-street parking and improving pedestrian and cycle circulation to make London Circuit a busy, attractive street for business.

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