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Chicago Cloud Gate is located in Millennium Park and has a nickname “The Bean” because of its look-alike shape. Chicago Buckingham fountain is located in Grant Park near the Lake Michigan and is one of the largest fountains in the world. This already gorgeous rococo styled structure is decorated with color lights to make the fountain equally beautiful during the day time and night with its evening light shows. Harold Washington library a main Chicago public library and has huge collections of books, magazines, and videos.
Pair of glass brick towers is famous for their high 50 feet (15.2 m) tall waterfalls, spouts of water, and displayed videos. Chicago Shedd aquarium is one of the perfect places to see and learn about the aquatic world. Chicago Cultural Center is one of the most visited all year-round places in Chicago due to its architectural beauty, art works, and convenient location. Soldier Field is the NFL stadium and home for Chicago Bears, one of the 32 professional American football teams. Botanic gardens inside conservatory are unique because of their tropical palms and ancient ferns.
Children and parents love the Museum because there are so much different things to learn and explore for both. The Theatre is famous for its history, artists, programs, and performances both classic and contemporary.
Added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1979, Chicago Theatre is one of the best places to see performing arts, magic shows, music concerts or comedies in Chicago. Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum is a nice quite place a few hundred yards from Lake Michigan.
The place is famous for its rich and various exhibition collections, films, and rare artifacts of vivid Chicago’s history and the history of United States. For those who like baseball, Chicago US Cellular Field (Comiskey Park) is one of must see places in the U.S. The complex is the home for many events including famous and one of the largest auto shows in the world - Chicago Auto Show.
United Center is a home for Chicago Bulls, one of the 30 professional basketball teams, member of National Basketball Association (NBA) and Chicago Blackhawks, one of the thirty professional ice hockey teams, member of National Hockey League (NHL). Since parking in downtown of Chicago might be extremely expensive, many visitors opt to explore the city by bike. The museum include collections of art works from 1945 (end of World War II) to the present.
Children’s Garden is located in between Field Museum, Shedd Aquarium, Adler Planetarium and Soldier Field.
Even though the Newberry is a private library, but it is still free and open to the public. Chicago Trolley Tours are exciting and informative journey any Chicago visitors definitely should consider to take. Taking boat tour on Chicago River is a great way to observe stunning architecture of Chicago. The most beautiful and majestic place in Chicago area is Chicago Botanic Garden which is the home for thousands of species of trees, shrubs, and vegetation. Instead of walking or taking a cab from Navy Pier to Museum Campus try Water Taxi on Lake Michigan. Lake Street bridge, the El elevated public transportation train and the buildings of downtown Chicago, Illinois, United States. The best that we can do is to be kindly and helpful toward our friends and fellow passengers who are clinging to the same speck of dirt while we are drifting side by side to our common doom. Lake County Shopping Indiana Shopping IN Website - Dining, Restaurants, Lodging, Hotels, Real Estate, Salons, Schools, Sports, Automotive, Banking, Shops, Business, Healthcare, Home, History, Parks, Recreation, Government, Garden, Relocation, Entertainment, Events, Travel, Tourism, Vacations, Local, Best, Rated, Sale, Good, Coupon, Discount ? Lake County, Crown Point, Gary, Hammond, Merrillville, Munster, Dyer, Hobart, Schererville, St. The city of Gary, Indiana is located on the waterfront of Lake Michigan, close to downtown Chicago.
Welded stainless steel sculpture is unique and popular because of its reflective abilities.
The fountain is very famous historic landmark not only Chicago but the whole United States.

Adults and children can use loaner telescopes to watch stars and planets closer and learn through play about them.
It has beautiful park with spectacular view on Lake Michigan, Navy Pier and Chicago skyscrapers. Visitors can enjoy lots of different shows, exhibitions, and animals like otters, octopuses, whales, dolphins, penguins, lizards, rays, sea jellies, turtles, sharks, and various collections of fishes.
Most visited parts of the park are as follows: Buckingham Fountain, Millennium Park, and the Museum Campus (Shedd aquarium). It is unalike other stadiums because it serves as a memorial to soldiers who have died in wars.
It is one of the busiest and crowded places in Chicago because of its various entertainment events, shopping, dining, and cruises. This is a huge free open area theater where symphony orchestra, chorus, music festivals, and other performing arts are pretty often events. The places are an open-air galleries designed to accommodate exhibitions of visual arts and sculptures. It is admission free and designed both to showcase exotic plants and grow the thousands of plants needed for use in the parks. Young and active visitors might be interesting to drive a firetruck, climb on a ship or a treehouse, while to other would be more fun to learn how to construct a building or invent a flying machine. It is not exceptionally tall structure, but from it visitors are able to observe magnificent views on Navy Pier itself, Lake Michigan, nearby harbors, and downtown of Chicago.
Field Museum contain millions of specimens and it is one of the best places not only passively watch exhibitions, but learn about anthropology and human evolution.
The museum offer variety of activities for kids and host many events including wedding ceremonies. They offer seminars, luncheons with guest speakers, bible studies, and various classes for men, women, parents, and marriage related.
The stadium is large ballpark and home for Chicago White Sox, a Major League Baseball team. It is informing, entertaining, and inspiring place where visitors can explore, learn, and even have hands on experience on such subjects as agriculture, environment, physics, biology, geology, social studies, chemistry, health, space, energy, industry, and technology. 108-story, 1,451 foot (442 meters) high Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower) is a center of business, tourism, and culture.
Among the numerous stores and boutiques, there are lots of different restaurants, museums, and hotels.
In the area they have their national stores, beauty salons, banks, law offices, restaurants, and schools. Even though it is not the tallest buildings in Chicago, but it is till has magnificent view from its deck. It is the home for 339-room five-star hotel, condominiums, a parking garage, a retail space, a five-star restaurant. You can rent Divvy bike from many convenient locations throughout the town and return it at any station. The Church is very attended because of its regular public worship, music and art events, concerts, dramatic presentations, fine arts, and sacred art exhibitions. The building preserves various collections of maps and books from the late Middle Ages to modern times.
The Windy City Tour offers to explore many famous Chicago places including Chicago's first-rate museums, shows and city attractions.
From Montrose Harbor you will have spectacular views on the Lake Michigan, Navy Pier and Chicago Skyscrapers. You will be amazed watching funny and romantic kissing parrots or have sort of tense feeling when meeting rhinoceros. Sometimes you may have feeling that there are more cabs in downtown than pedestrians or any other vehicles on streets. Many university’s buildings which are located on 211 acres (85 ha) campus built in Gothic style and looks like castle.
The staff of the Garden doing really amazing thing of keeping the place in such organized, fabulous, and clean condition regardless of welcoming so many visitors each day.
It is the home for numerous collections of artifacts, books, magazines, photographs, and art works.

It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place … I’ve found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.
Here you will find valuable information about Lake County including coupons, restaurants, shopping, hotels, local businesses, parks, recreation, government, history, transportation, real estate, public services, dining, arts and entertainment, spas, salons, schools, sports, automotive, banking, shops, healthcare, relocation, travel, tourism, and vacations in Lake County, Crown Point, Gary, Hammond, Merrillville, Munster, Dyer, Hobart, Schererville, St. The county borders the shores of Lake Michigan to the North, the state of Illinois to the East, and the Kankakee River to the South.
It was established in the early 1900's by the founder of the United States Steel Corporation, Elbert Gary. It reflects the city helping tourists to make perfect shots of Chicago and its skyscrapers.
Buckingham Fountain was a point from which historic route 66 began and run 2,451 miles (3,945 kilometers) all the way to Los Angeles.
Adults and children take their bathing suits and come to the place to have lots of fun with the fountain water.
It is also popular and busy public gathering place because of its free films, lectures, music, dance, and theater events.
Visitors come to the place to enjoy watching baseball games and cheer for their favorite team. All year-round the museum displays various exhibits, has live-science demonstrations, and hosts many events. It used to be a house for drawing water from the Lake Michigan and has pumping machinery inside of the structure. Skydeck on 103rd floor gathers thousands of visitors to take in the amazing views of the Windy City.
Northern end of Rush Street which goes diagonally from Chicago Avenue on Southeast to Cedar Street on Northwest is famous for its nightlife. The place is attractive to visitors and tourist because of its unique architecture and landmarks. In rush hours it is better to take subway or Metra to get to the airport than any other transportation. The garden is proud to have returning guests and members because the place might be different each time they come.
John, Griffith, Highland, East Chicago, Lake Station, Cedar Creek, Calumet, Whiting, Cedar Lake, Lowell, New Chicago, Schneider, Winfield, Brunswick, Lakes of the Four Seasons, and Palmer.
Those people who want to take a picture close to the glass tower, but do not want to get too much wet taking photos under umbrellas.
Soldier Field is easy accessible by public transportation and it is a great place to visit not only during NFL season but year round.
Visitors can take boat rides on the Lake Michigan or just observe big and small ships on the Lake.
There are many regular seats near the stage and Great Lawn where people can seat on the grass and listen to the music. The Garden serves also as a place to hold some corporate events and private parties including wedding ceremonies.
In addition, it offers lectures, classes, teacher programs, and seminars on various topics.
For example, in rush hours it might take over 1.5 hours to get from the Loop to O’Hare Airport by car while Blue Line will get you there in about 40 minutes for the price close to 20x cheaper compare to taking a cab. Except gorgeous indoor and outdoor gardens, Chicago Botanic Garden is a place for many events, concerts, and attractions. This place is famous for its frequent fireworks, Children Museum, IMAX Theatre, Shakespeare Theater, and roller coasters. It was established in the 1800's by the Robinson family, and is now the central hub and county seat of Lake County. Today the courthouse is a museum dedicated to preserving the rich history of Lake County, Indiana.

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