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CIESIN is on the second floor of the Geosciences Building, via the central spiral staircase. Expressway (Route 95) to the George Washington (GW) Bridge (no toll charged this direction).
Service between Columbia University, New York City, and the Lamont Campus in Palisades, New York.
Service between Morningside and Lamont is hourly throughout the day except for a gap midday.
The 9 and 9A buses run between the George Washington Bridge bus station in upper Manhattan (at 178th and Broadway or the 175th St.
Air travelers who own electric vehicles (EV) can now conveniently charge their cars at Kennedy International.

The chargers are capable of taking a vehicle from empty to a full charge in 12-24 hours at Level I and 4-6 hours at Level II.
If your flight is not at Terminal 5, just allow extra time and travel by AirTrain free of charge to your terminal. Bear left to enter the Major Deegan Expressway North (87) toward the George Washington Bridge (GWB). Stay to the left on the approach to the GW Bridge; then get into the right lane to access the upper level of the bridge. If full capacity is reached, passengers with Columbia ID or affiliation are given priority. Tickets may be puchased on board, but change is not guaranteed with bills greater than $10.

For reference, Level I charging provides the same electric current as a standard household plug (115V) and provides a slower charge for vehicles, often referred to as a€?trickle charging.a€? Level II charging features an upgraded charging unit with a 240V connection, capable of charging vehicles two to six times faster than a Level I charger.
At the end of the exit ramp at the stop light, turn left onto 9W (heading north) and proceed for approximately 200 yards (or meters).

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