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When many consumers think about limousine service, usually associate it with a night out on the town or going to wedding, but dona€™t realize that you can also book limousine service to take you from one city to the next.
If youa€™re traveling less than 200 miles, a direct car trip is fairly competitive with flying time wise if you factor in getting to the airport, parking, waiting for your flight, etc. Obviously being in the limo business, we think taking a limo would be a good way to go, but this may not always fit every customera€™s needs, so there are other options you could consider.
Ithaca is a about a 4-5 hour drive from New York City, so the most obvious alternative would be to consider taking a flight.
Taking Amtrak is also a possibility, but there isna€™t a direct train connection from New York City to Ithaca, you have to de-train in Syracuse and then take an airport shuttle from Syracuse to Ithaca. There are many good public transportation options to Ithaca as mentioned above, and there is always the option to drive yourself, whether in your own car or in a rental.
This is where looking at a car service or limousine service might be a worthy consideration, particularly if having a luxurious and comfortable trip and not cost are your main concerns. The next step to consider would be what type of chauffeured vehicle would suit your needs the best.
For basic limo service, the least expensive option would be a black sedan service, like a Lincoln Town Car.
Just remember that for a long road trip that takes a limo vehicle hundreds of miles away from its regular service area, you may have to pay the hourly charge (travel time) for both the away and return legs of your trip, even if your journey is only one-way. Your more luxurious limo options would be for larger vehicles, like an SUV, stretch limo or even a luxury imported sedan like a Mercedes 550 or Audi A8. Brilliant Transportation has fleet of Mercedes Benz Sprinter vans which offer a first class luxury experience.
For a long road trip, these vehicles allow you reclaim lost time in transit with friends or business associates because they so easily function as a mobile office or lounge. If youa€™re interested in traveling with us, we would be delighted to give you a quick quote here. Ithaca is home to Cornell University, an Ivy League school of over 20,000 students, most of whom study on Cornell’s Ithaca campus.[2][3] Ithaca College is located just south of the city in the town of Ithaca, adding to Ithaca’s "college town" focus and atmosphere. The inhabitants of the Ithaca area at the time Europeans began arriving were the Saponi and Tutelo Indians, dependent tribes of the Cayuga Indians who were part of the Iroquois confederation.
As part of this process, the Central New York Military Tract, which included northern Tompkins County, was surveyed by Simeon DeWitt.
In the 1820s and 1830, Ithaca held high hopes of becoming a major city when the Ithaca and Owego Railroad was completed in 1832 to connect the Erie Canal navigation with the Susquehanna River to the south. The late nineteenth century gave birth to the two major postsecondary educational institutions Ithaca has today.
The valley in which Cayuga Lake is located is long and narrow with a north-south orientation. Ithaca was founded on flat land just south of the lake — land that formed in fairly recent geological times when silt filled the southern end of the lake. The valley flatland has slightly milder weather in winter, and occasionally Ithacans experience simultaneous snow on the hills and rain in the valley.

The natural vegetation of the Ithaca area, seen in areas unbuilt and unfarmed, is northern temperate broadleaf forest, dominated by deciduous trees.
Due to the microclimates created by the impact of the lakes, the region surrounding Ithaca (Finger Lakes American Viticultural Area) experiences a short but adequate growing season for winemaking. June 23-24, Design Thinking Workshop, Creative solutions for transportation to health care.
2015 Coordinated Plan AmendmentOn Tuesday, Dec 15, 2015, the Ithaca-Tompkins County Transportation Council Planning & Policy Committees approved the 2015 Amendment to the Coordinated Transportation Plan.
Cornell Cooperative Extension of Tompkins County’s Way2Go program encourages area residents to seek various transportation methods, overcome barriers, and make smarter transportation choices that save money, support health, and lessen pollution. TCAT, Inc (Tompkins Consolidated Area Transit, Inc.) is a not-for-profit corporation that provides public transportation for Tompkins County New York and portions of Tioga county. With 49 percent of its population walking to work everyday, it's no wonder that the city may receive an $11,000,000 grant to promote public transportation.
Sutherland told Action News that improving the city's transportation will reduce the carbon footprint. Officials at city hall also believe that the $17,000,000 proposal could expand on public safety, boost economic business, and build upon the current bus system. With 55 percent of the city using public transportation, Ithaca's leaders hope this is the year for change.
Indeed, using a limousine service for an intercity transfer is a luxurious way to travel and in many ways offers more convenience than flying private.
Generally if your destination if more than 300 miles, time wise and cost wise, flying might be the better option.
A flight to Ithaca would only take about 75 minutes and a last minute ticket might cost you around $400. I really like the extra elbow room you get on the train, as well as their cafe car service!
Greyhound and Coach USA (Shortline service) offer a regular schedule of trips to Ithaca from NYC and to other points upstate as well.
However, many people choose not to drive themselves for various reasons, if they are from out of state or perhaps just dona€™t want to deal with that and would rather have someone drive for them.
Certainly having door to door service in a chauffeured vehicle can be wonderfully convenient and enjoyable. This is a new and emerging category in the limousine business and it works great for small groups, and also for 1-2 passenger as well for those who are interested in having the ultimate luxury experience in a chauffeured vehicle.
If our premium pricing of one of these luxury vans doesna€™t work with your budget this time, you can always choose one of the lower priced options mentioned above.
His clerk Robert Harpur had a fondness for ancient Greek and Roman history as well as English authors and philosophers (as evidenced by the nearby townships of Dryden and Locke). Ithaca is at the southern end (the "head") of the lake, but the valley continues to the southwest behind the city. The Amendment includes Section 5310 Projects for GADABOUT, Section 5307-funded Special Community Mobility Projects (SCMP) Projects and the Section 5307-funded Way2Go Program for 2016.

While Way2Go works with a broad spectrum of the general public, it has a special focus working with Downtown Ithaca employers, Streets Alive Ithaca! We respect your privacy and your email will not be visible to others nor will it be added to any email lists. Plus you have to consider your transportation to and from the airport at both locations, which adds time and expense. Also, if you happen to be visiting Cornell University, the school also offers its own executive bus service from its NYC campus (called Campus to Campus Express).
That way your trip is on your schedule and you make take whatever route or make as many stops as necessary. This type of service is usually billed hourly and not by the mileage; the cost in NYC averages around $50 per hour.
Many of these films were the work of Leopold Wharton and his brother Theodore Wharton in their studio on the site of what is now Stewart Park.
Originally a river valley, it was deepened and widened by the action of Pleistocene ice sheets over the last several hundred thousand years. For a long inter-city trip however, see if you can negotiate a flat rate before you leave on your trip.
The SUVs are generally good for up to 6-7 passengers and stretch limos can also accommodate 6-10 passengers generally.
Further, we have public policy direction to use public funds in an efficient and productive manner, especially in a time of fiscal scarcity. They also offer standing room inside with 6a€™3a€? head clearance and hardwood flooring, two flat screen TVs with DirecTV and many other entertainment options. However, easier routes soon became available, such as the Syracuse, Binghamton & New York (1854). After World War II, National Cash Register and the Langmuir Research Labs of General Electric were also major employers.
The average date of the first freeze is October 5, and the average date of the last freeze is May 15, giving Ithaca a growing season of 141 days. However, the geography of the city has always prevented it from lying on a major transportation artery.
The average date of the first and last snowfalls are November 12 and April 7, respectively. Supported multi-county action concerning changes in Medicaid NEMT program affecting rural public transit.

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