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Cabooses   Use a caboose as your "country get-away", or remodel a bunch into a motel complex.
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If you’re anything like me, your first question is probably, how much do these things cost? As usual, it varies greatly depending on the condition, age of the car, and historical value. For instance, while researching for this article I saw rusty cabooses that need some work for around $8,000. Getting the land prepped and the move logistics for a caboose or rail car is a major undertaking.
I did find one site about a man who transformed his caboose into a small home and is using solar power to run it.
Solar panels could go on the roof, a composting toilet in the bathroom, a greywater recycling system under the car itself…I can see the Green Caboose unfolding in my mind already. Caboose Home For Sale in Fayetteville, NC– This caboose is one I found on Craigslist.
A lot of work, sure, but I can see the possibilities in my head and boy, you could really turn one of these into a super cool, eco-friendly living space.

A “Shipping Container” is a Corten Steel hulk of a house box, that will withstand anything that you, your neighbors, the local authorities, or even Mother Nature can hurl at it!
This really struck me because my mother put a boxcar on her land in the mid-80s and lived in it for several years while she was building her house (also a unique design). Having grown up in the Third World, I have a hard time viewing this as a good development for Americans.
If you consider all the products that go into building a home, using an already created railroad car is definitely green.
I heard that you can buy a sort of substainable living condo-train and travel on the railroads for a certain cost per mile; however I cannot find any information about it on the Web. My grandpa and grandma were given a boxcar in the early 50’s when my Grandpa Harry Real retired from the railroad. For all you train lovers out there – instead of living in one – try just staying in one! Further to my previous post, I hired Ozark Rail Logistics to make arrangements to move caboose from Michigan to western Canada. We bought a passenger car for less than $5000.( without undercart) amd had it trucked 100km , lifted, and put on foundations for another $5000. So…a double skinned stainless steel house extension with windows end to end, 6 double sliding doors, prewired with 2kW of flourescent lighting, a pair of 5 kW heater packs and a three phase blower.

We now have a solar shed, guest bedroom, laundry, computer room, workshop and reading room at a fraction of the price of building. Now i just need to get some steel beams cut and welded for the extended caboose style balcony and awning. This is a common collective practice world wide, but is becoming especially popular in Eastern Europe. You can see them squatting in the things when you take the train that goes south out of Nogales. I guess would be a big hit if real estate companies come up with some funny idea with Railways. I NEED PRICES ON THE CABOOSES AND AN ESTIMATE ON HOW MUCH IT WOULD COST TO MOVE THEM TO TEXAS.
Pity we’ll never have enough juice to run the blower, but we are extremely pleased with our purchase.

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