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Here you have a great opportunity to download a Models and Textures mod to upgrade your game.
I don’t really understand why a member of a “super-secret-hush-hush-we’re-not-supposed-to-even-exist” organization would parade in a customized Power Armor showing he’s part of it. I guess some will argue that “it’s a clever trick to make people think we don’t exist, because clearly if we existed we wouldn’t be showing off in Power Armors !” … Yeah… No… Oh well whatever.
What I really fail to comprehend though, is why Bethesda decided to restrict this customization to the T51 model only. This mod doesn’t replaces anything, it is ESP based and adds its own paintings to the game. Also, please note that Jamie1992 has already released his Institute line of paintings, which I highly recommend.

If you like this mod, check out the Minutemen Version, coming in 2 flavors : Gray or Blue !
Included is a Multicam Black Assault Gas Mask.I wanted something more tactical but subtle so I tried my hand at modding the textures for the Railroad Armor and Assault Gas Mask.
I really tried to find a reason behind this idea but there’s realy nothing that could remotely justify that choice.
Thanks to this mod, the Railroad’s iconic lamp can now ornate your dark gray Power Armor with NO model restriction. Obviously, the T51 is the original model from the game, there was no reason to overwrite it with this mod. This is a highly detailed re-texture of the Railroad Armor and Assault Gas Mask featuring a Crye Precision Multicam pattern.

If anyone out there knows what sorcery is at work with those armor paintings bonuses, please do not hesitate contacting me. My solution to this problem is to use Armorsmith Extended, which allows you to add modifications and armor weaving.

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