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Nice stuff - I really like the finishes you've achieved on the cabin, too - just the right amount of staining and weathering without going overboard. Two of the twelve cars are equipped with Kadee-compatible couplers on one end so that these cars can be switched into any run. This problem is easily remedied - take your needle file and simply remove the flash and mold lines from the inside and outside of each coupler. Straight from the box, the cars run smoothly on the track with no bobbing or wobbling on the track. I found that Chooch Enterprises makes loads for different types of rolling stock and the Walthers ore cars were no exception. As you can see in the photo on the left, the loads are molded to drop into the ore car, theoretically without any muss or fuss.
The newly loaded cars are now a little heavier than NMRA-recommended practice, but they run smoothly and look great on the rails.

These cars are perfect for running on lines with short radius turns as well as running out on the mainlines. The other ends of these two cars, as well as on both ends of the remaining ten cars, are non-functioning short-coupled couplers. I found that the loads appeared unrealistically high when placed in the car, so I grabbed my trusty Dremel tool and ground down the side edges and altered the curve on the ends to get the loads a little further down in the car. Straight out of the box, the Walthers ore cars were nice, with the exception of the flash on the couplers. They do hold onto the next car quite effectively, but the flash and left-over mold lines inside and outside of these dummy couplers bind when setting up the cars.
Chooch bundles four loads on each of their load kits for these ore cars, and no two loads appear to be from the same load. Each car is individually numbered, which is the first little detail that doesn't require any attention.

The advantage is that these short couplers look great and won't accidently disconnect during operations.
NOTE: Use safety goggles and a protective mask to fend off the resin dust that you'll stir up.
If you want the option of switching any or all of these cars individually, simply replace the dummy couplers with your favorite coupler.

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