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Welcome to a build of the HO scale Bar Mills Hunch Landing structure kit, released in December 2012. Awesome Carl!Knowing the fantastic level of your work, this build will certainly be one to watch!
The original kit was called Paper Merchant & Pier and was introduced in the mid 90’s by a small company called Mainline and Siding, which no longer exists. Im sitting up front and ready to see you get started.Some really interesting info on the origination of the kit. I was on the Bar Mills site a couple of weeks back and I saw that one and I thought, now that would take someone with a real set of .
An early ad for the kit and a color photo included:I never saw one in person, but only about 200 were actually made, so they are rare.

Seems like everybody wants one of these kits, yet as far as I know, it's not sold out as of this writing!
Occasionally they appear on E bay (last one I saw went for $ 800+!) The building and dock were separate kits. I am going to take this one slower than my last, since I think it has good bones, but want do a bit more thinking outside the (kit) box.
It was fun watching people come up and touch it because they couldn't believe the whole thing was colored paper! According to Art from Bar Mills, a modeler named Arland Spiering built the original, it was seen by Mainline & Siding at a show, and they began selling a kit based on his design.
Sometimes, I feel like an obedient child in school-paying close attention to the "teacher"(kit company) and doing my "homework" (following instructions). All the parts are laser cut and the color is just as you see it, and like John said the edges are the only thing that needs touching up.
I learned a few things about posting builds on my last thread, so I hope I can give you more pictures and simpler explanations, etc.

Spiering gave permission to Bar Mills to reproduce their “version” of the kit.If one looks closely, you can see that the Bar Mills version has a separate building added behind a track siding.
I'm going to the Caribbean for a week and I'm not signing on even though my wife is bringing the laptop with wireless connection!
On the left side of the plan, the Mainline and Siding version had an elevated garage with bay doors, and some additional two story space. Bar Mills also added a gas tank and counter.Modern techniques have improved all facets of the original product.

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