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Old-fashioned pan balances (sometimes called scales) literally involve balancing two scale pans with known weights in one pan and the item you want to weigh in the other.
To find out more, I recommend you read Wikipedia's articles on Pound (mass) and Pound (force). Mass versus weight: A good Wikipedia article that explores some of the common confusions between mass and weight. What is the history of weighing?: A quick historic run-through from the National Physical Laboratory. You might like my new book, Atoms Under the Floorboards: The Surprising Science Hidden in Your Home, published worldwide by Bloomsbury. The Cardinal Scale Manufacturing Company's Guardian® Truck Scale employs hydraulic load cell technology under the weigh bridge. The Cardinal Scale Manufacturing Company’s Guardian® Truck Scale employs hydraulic load cell technology under the weigh bridge. Bitterman Scales’ service area includes eastern Pennsylvania including Lancaster, York, Harrisburg, Reading, and Lebanon, northeastern Maryland including Elkton, and Delaware.

Installs in just hours and provides accurate, dependable weighments at a fraction of the cost of other rail scale systems. They can weigh objects up to 192kg (24 stones) —enough to hold about two average adults. You put the letters on the pan, move the sliding weight until the arm is horizontal, and then read the weight off the scale.
If you're compulsively curious (like me) and take off the pointer and the dial (without smashing them to bits and wrecking your scales in the process), you'll see the mechanism lurking inside. All the weighing machines I photographed for this article have scales marked in kilograms and grams (on one hand) and stones, pounds, and ounces (on the other), showing the equivalence between them: these are all units of mass. Stick to metric SI units (kilograms for mass and Newtons for force) and everything will make much more sense. A fascinating article about the difficulty of maintaining the world standard kilogram, a lump of nicknamed "Le Grand K." Are there better ways to define the kilogram? Weighline has payed for itself in hundreds of installations worldwide by preventing both underloads and overloads of rail cars.

Like most scales, they have two dials that can give you a measurement in either metric units (such as kilograms) or Imperial ones (pounds and stones). When you load up the pan (or push down on it with your hand), a hidden platform inside the scales slides downward, stretching a powerful spring as it does so. As the platform (rack) moves downward, the pinion (the small gear to which the pointer is attached) rotates. The heavier the object, the more gravity pulls it down, and the more it stretches the spring. In the photo on the right below, at the very back of the scales, you can see the thick powerful spring that stretches as the platform goes down. The mechanism is perfectly linear: if you put twice as much weight on the scales, the spring stretches twice as much, the rack moves twice as far, and the pinion and pointer turn around the dial twice as much.

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