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Fighter XL es un juego de peleas que llega para cautivar a miles de fanaticos con sus exelentes graficas y fuertes oponentes. El tren del viejo oeste ha sido capturado por una banda de mercenarios y tu eres el vaquero que debera acabar con todos los malos haciendo uso de tus habilidades de gran peleador y tambien tus poderosas armas, las que debes disparar y acabar con todos ellos. Divertido juego de peleas en donde deberas ayudar a Bugs Bunny a pelear contra todos los personajes de  animados de la Warner Bros como: El Coyote, El Pato Lucas, El Gallo Claudio y muchos mas!
Juego de peleas y combates callejeros,  seras un Power Rangers y debes acabar con todos los malos que se te crucen con el camino, mucho cuidado con sus rayos paralizadores, deberas saltar antes que te atrapen.
Marvel Tribute es un espectacular juego de peleas, trae muy buenos graficos y deberas enfrentar a dificiles adversarios  que tendran poderes y golpes asombrosos para hacerte frente.
Join this really severe shooting and action game and be in the control of the security line. Hit the play button and after a short intro you will be represented to a real rail of darkness.
Un clasico de todos los tiempos que a pesar de tantos anos cuando se inicio en las consolas de nintendo , sigue teniendo millones de seguidores.
Excelentes graficos y una gran jugabilidad hacen a este un gran juego de lucha, elige a tu personaje y a luchar.

Utiliza las flechas del teclado para moverte y las teclas 1, 2, 3, 4 (del teclado numerico) para atacar.
The amazing games are suggested to every game lover who wishes to play these strategic games and become the winner. Utiliza la: A, Z, S, D,X para dar patadas y para golpes  con tu puno, las flechas del teclado para saltar y dirigir a tu jugador. Cuando  vaya a empezar el juego escoje tu personaje y presiona la J para iniciar el combate. En Mortal Kombat Karnage deberas enfrentar poderosos oponentes y deberas eliminarlos a todos.
If you desire to become the member of the games and even try your best in overcoming the difficulties, here you are, the respective games are in front of you, specially designed and created, colorful ones and amazing to play.
You can invite your friends and those who potentially might be interested in playing these games and plan your free time. Before getting started you can have a look at them carefully as there are a lot of games, taking into account your special needs or requirements. So after being acquainted with the stuff you are strongly recommended to get insight of the major instructions which include all the technical details and the methods on how to play and succeed while playing.

Get started from the easiest ones and step by step move to more complicated ones, let us say have more fun and strengthen your technical skills.
If you are not sure which one is the best solution for you, you can read the comments to any of them or just jump into the discussion and various forum in order to get familiar with the character and nature of the game. So when you are theoretically familiar you should put the knowledge into practice and try it. The major goal is to earn the scores like in other online games and try to overcome the difficulties on your way before reaching the final destination. Gradually you are getting skilled and even you can share your opinion during discussions or suggest any of games to others.
Additionally among various games there are also train driving games and you are given possibility to drive train or even become the train engineer.

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