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Fox Car Sales is a division of Fox Rent A Car, it purchases and sells cars through the Fox Rent A Car inventory. The previously under-the-radar company has now enjoyed a title wave of attention for its signature model, so much so that those now wanting to purchase a Model S have to prove their desire with a $5,000 reservation fee. Well, most auto industry insiders feel the car transcends the “very nice looking electric” label. Electric cars might also be “an extraordinarily bad idea,” an idea Forbes recently explored.
March 18, 2013 by Andrew Newton 1 Comment In 1966, Shelby American provided around 1,000 special GT350 Mustangs to Hertz Rent-a-Car.
The Mustangs that were delivered to Hertz featured the performance tweaks that Shelby American had worked into the ponycar during the previous year, including the 306 horsepower 289’s, plexiglass rear quarter-windows, and fiberglass hoods.
The owner of this Shelby does not provide very much info regarding this car’s history.
Check out the 1966 Shelby Mustange GT350H here on eBay, where the reserve is not yet met at $81,700. D’Elegance and the history of how he obtained a Griffith 400 as only 59 were produced for the entire world! Last month the California-based manufacturer of exclusively upscale electric vehicles captured the attention of the mainstream auto world after its Model S garnered Motor Trend’s Car of Year award in mid-November. Believe it or not, some people actually would do better with a convertible — the sort of person who needs to make a statement of desirable exclusivity. These automobiles whose elegance has lasted over time are often much more affordable than newer models of similar or even lesser appeal — barring Formula 1 racecars and the like, of course.
The style of driving you do shapes the decision whether or not an electric, hybrid or a diesel is right for you. Potential buyers could therefore try out the Shelby for a few days and, Shelby hoped, fall in love with the car in the process. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the GT350H’s had automatics, but this was probably a relief for Hertz.

All 11 judges “unanimously voted the first vehicle designed from the wheels up by a fledgling automaker,” as a statement of America’s capacity to still lead the planet in innovate car manufacturing.
Autos, which also named the Tesla S their 2013 Car of the Year, cites (but doesn’t necessarily counter completely) several complaints against the tony Tesla: it’s “not affordable,” at $50,000; Yahoo!
The Nissan Leaf, heralded perhaps even more so than the Tesla S, is the primary focus of Forbes’ critique.
Here’s some advice on how you can tailor the car-hunting experience on your own terms, not just those of a vaunted car publication. These cars feature expressive designs, but restricted access to the back seat that seriously limits their practicality. Should you maintain the vehicle well once you own it, you could actually notice the car’s worth augment in value.
But the everyday driver will only notice with all-wheel drive when accelerating, due to the traction that AWD adds. Supposedly, after the first batch of four-speed Hertz Shelbys started coming back with fried clutches, they had to reconsider offering manuals.
If you can’t find your dream car via HertzCarSales initially, try expanding your search criteria and perhaps some of our other great deals will satisfy your driving needs.
You might even consider the hatchback, the once ubiquitous auto shape now derided as old fashioned, but that’s making a comeback with more stylish designs and an emphasis on their environmental advantages (like their fuel economy). Hybrids do use less fuel around town, when low speeds and frequent braking keep them running on battery power longer. Located in Cranston, Rhode Island, it is very much for sale and set to go home with the highest bidder.
Plenty of these wild rent-a-racers were used and abused, driven like they were, well, rental cars. All of the GT350H’s had gold stripes, but this one is also painted in Sapphire Blue, less sinister than the much more common and recognizable Raven Black.
And there’s no car like the minivan to efficiently transport loads of people to and fro.

Classic cars carry a reputation as more reliable than newer cars — less technology might make them more resistant to wear and tear. Diesel drivers will see their sweetest reward on the highway, though diesel cars are more efficient than gasoline guzzlers at low speeds, as well. Most buyers don’t grasp is just dramatically winter tires can transform the driving experience.
As a result, they must have been a real headache for the poor guys turning the wrenches at the Hertz agencies. Only fifty examples in Sapphire Blue are believed to have been built, and it’s the same story with Ivy Green, Wimbledon White, and Candy Apple Red. All of these approaches will stretch your fuel dollar or eliminate entirely the need for a fuel budget. They are less expensive than upgrading to an all-wheel-drive car, and don’t have the year-round negative impact on your fuel economy that characterizes a car having to drive all four wheels all the time.
Yet be conscious of the premiums you’ll be handling up front (again, $5,000 for a Tesla up front!) and the distance you’ll have to drive to make up for your costs.
GT350H’s are highly collectible as are all Shelbys, but they are not exactly leaps and bounds ahead in value.
The fuel economy may seem economically advantageous now, but that shift quickly since fuel prices fluctuate so erratically. At Worldwide Auctioneers Auburn sale last year, a black GT350H sold for $115,000, and a few months earlier at their Fort Lauderdale sale a rarer white car sold for $117,500.

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