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Big-city culture and small-city charm combine in Rochester [1], a mid-sized city on the shores of Lake Ontario. Rochester, known as The Flower City and The World's Image Center, is the third-largest city in the state of New York, after New York City and Buffalo. As time went on, and farmland opened up in the Great Plains, Rochester's flour industry faded, to be replaced by a variety of others, including clothing, shoes, boats, and horticulture. In the early 1900s, the modern city began to take shape, molded in large part by the philanthropy of George Eastman, whose Eastman Kodak camera company became the area's largest employer. Since World War II, Rochester has seen a decline in population but has also seen periods of urban renewal funded by industry. Rochester's recent industrial decline has been painful, but it has been countered by a rise in world-class historical and cultural attractions. Rochester is unashamedly part of the Snow Belt of the United States, competing every year with its upstate neighbors for the "coveted" Golden Snowball Award (for most snowfall). Simply stated, snow is a daily fact of life in Rochester winters, and the traveler must be prepared to deal with it as the locals do: with a hearty grumble of resignation, the assertion that "at least we don't have earthquakes, tornadoes, or hurricanes", and the knowledge that better days lie ahead. Rochester astronomer Lewis Swift (1820–1913) once attended a conference in California. Fortunately, those "better days" are truly gems, and few cities appreciate them more when they arrive. But all this emphasis on winter should not overshadow Rochester's short but beautiful springs, mild summers, and very colorful autumns. Seneca Thruway Visitor Information Center, (at the Seneca service area near Thruway exit 45 (westbound)). Tourist Information Center, (at the Scottsville service area near Thruway exit 46 (eastbound)). Downtown Information Center, 120 E Main St (corner of St Paul), ? +1 585 232-3420 (fax: +1 585 232-8365), [3]. The Center at High Falls Visitor Center, 60 Browns Race, ? +1 585 325-2030 (fax: +1 585 325-2414), [4]. Rochester is part of the "Inland North" dialect region of the United States, with only a few minor local variations. RTS Bus 2 ($1 for a single trip, $3 for a day pass) operates between the airport and the RTS bus hub downtown.
Because of Rochester's location close to Lake Ontario, the New York State Thruway, Interstate 90, passes a few miles to the south, through the southern suburbs. From the northeast, if you don't want to head south to the Thruway, most drivers will take State Route 104, a former federal route that constitutes the main rural drag through the northern part of Western New York. Amtrak operates from a station at 320 Central Ave (Inner Loop to N Clinton Ave, quick right onto Central), operating daily scheduled service on three lines. A few taxis will often be waiting at the station around the scheduled arrival times, or you may want to arrange for a rental agency to pick you up. Greyhound and Trailways share a bus station just across the street from the train station, at 186 Cumberland St. With the Erie Canal, Genesee River, Lake Ontario, and Irondequoit Bay, waterways are a rare but not unheard-of method of getting to Rochester.
Six major rental agencies have desks at the Greater Rochester International Airport: Avis, Budget, Enterprise, Hertz, National, and Thrifty. Those who balk at needing a car to get anywhere in the Rochester area can at least take heart that it is a very drivable city. Construction and severe winter weather can disrupt Rochester's normally placid roads, however.
The highway system is designed as two loops, the unofficial "Outer Loop" and the official "Inner Loop", with feeders coming in from the west, east, and south. The Inner Loop begins and ends at I-490, which runs east-west right through the middle of the city and forms the bottom portion of the actual loop. New York State Route 104 is a major east-west route and forms the northern part of the Outer Loop, although it's only an expressway on one side, from the river east. While driving downtown, keep an eye out for these directional signs; they're color-coded by quadrant and provide directions to parking and attractions. The expressways will get you close to your destination, but navigating the surface streets is necessary as well.
The area bus system is the Regional Transit Service (RTS), run by the Rochester Genesee Regional Transportation Authority (RGRTA) [5]. The bus routes are designed as a hub-spoke system, optimized for travelers headed to and from downtown.
If the bus routes are convenient for you, though, RTS service is hard to beat, especially when the roads get slushy in winter. Bus schedules are available online [6] and throughout the city, especially at transit hubs and information centers. On the surface streets downtown, most areas are relatively safe, but be careful in the northeastern area (bounded by E. Outside of downtown, there are a number of pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods, including Park Avenue and the South Wedge, but they are not well connected to each other, or to downtown.
One exception to the general lack of walkability is the Genesee Riverway Trail [7], an almost-completed walking and biking route along the river. Outside of the city, the inner suburbs are similarly hard to walk in, but there are pockets of village-like atmospheres where walking can be pleasant, such as Twelve Corners in Brighton and the Titus-Hudson area of Irondequoit. Much of the advice above for pedestrians applies to bikers as well, although bikers won't be able to make use of the Skyway. You can hire a taxi, but you'll need to call ahead to have one pick you up unless you're at the airport or the Amtrak station. Most boating in Rochester is exclusively recreational in nature, but you may find it a convenient way to travel between destinations.

The Genesee River is not navigable through downtown; you can go downstream from the south (Erie Canal) as far as the Court Street Dam, or upstream from the north (Lake Ontario) as far as the Lower Falls, but the three waterfalls and the downtown area are no-go. Note that the Erie Canal is drained every November and not refilled until the end of April. Rochester isn't the most popular place for sightseeing, although the Genesee River gorge and its three waterfalls are certainly worth a trip. Rochester does have a good number of cultural attractions, though, especially for a city of its size. Famed landscaper Frederick Law Olmsted designed Rochester's first public parks, which today comprise Highland, Genesee Valley, Maplewood, and Seneca Parks. Charlotte-Genesee Lighthouse, 70 Lighthouse St (Lake Ave to Latta Rd, go SE 400 ft, turn left before river), ? +1 585 621-6179, [12]. George Eastman House (International Museum of Photography and Film), 900 East Ave, ? +1 585 271-3361 (fax: +1 585 271-3970), [15]. Seneca Park Zoo, 2222 St Paul St (Rt 104 to Clinton Ave; follow signs for zoo), ? +1 585 336-7200, [22].
Henry Gaffney, President of Amalgamated Transit Union Division 26, represents the city’s bus drivers. The only meeting scheduled on the Detroit Department of Transportation (D-DOT)’s website is a regular monthly “customer comments” meeting Thurs.
Gaffney said bus drivers know about the new schedules because they have been posted at the terminals. City is trying to avoid dealing with riders at public hearings like this one in 2009; since then, dozens of routes have been canceled and hours shortened.
Management of the Detroit Department of Transportation (D-DOT) has been contracted out to Parsons Brinckerhoff Michigan, Inc.
AFSCME Local 312 President Leamon Wilson demanded more mechanics and parts availablity, no contracting out, at City Council public hearing Sept. There have been numerous proposals in Lansing over the years to merge D-DOT and the pseudo-public SMART (Suburbuan Mobility Authority for Regional Transportation). Through the past years, city administrations have touted diversity and cultural change in departments such as the water department. It will also “work to identify appropriate downsizing of the fleet,” while at the same time “defeat all obstacles to increasing fleet availability (drivers, attendance, parts availability, supervision attentiveness) . Prior to his departure, he had unsucessfully proposed combining four Bus riders in Rochester N.Y. According to the article, RGRTA now has 50 contracts with such entities, which pay RGRTA to subsidize the service they provide to their constituents. The Huffington Post notes that while living in Livonia, New York, Aesch contributed $2500 to Republican Rick Perry’s campaign for President. Neither Mayor Bing’s press representative nor Aesch returned VOD’s emails and calls before press time.
DDOT closed the doors on the 16th of February to customers who were looking for information and answers about service cuts at the Customer Service meeting. Normally DDOT holds multiple meetings, typically 4 locations throughout the city, different days, with various meeting times of day. And since the Mayor has cut more driver positions from DDOT, when they were ALREADY missing the minimum # of drivers to meet the scheduled need, it is almost guaranteed that the buses operating in this new schedule will not be on time or running on schedule.
The new managment team has a history of going in, cutting service, and setting up contracts with private transit firms like Veolia transportation that will give an unrealistic low-bid to run service in Detroit. PARSONS BRINCKERHOFF AND ENVISURAGE ARE USING DDOT EMPLOYEES AS A FRONT FOR THEIR SERVICE CUTS.
We need people to come out in droves on the 24th to BOTH public hearings, and bring a LOT of media.
Based on the cuts proposed, and the fact there appears to have been no public hearing, the question is, was a proper Title VI (goes back to Civil Rights Act 1964) and Equal Justice study done on any these proposals? Thanks for your help!Donations help pay considerable costs of VOD, which is published pro bono. VOD WELCOMES NEW SUBMISSIONS!If you want to be published on VOD, please submit your articles, etc. HEARING ON DISABLED, ABUSED CHILD MAY 2; WHY DOES JUDGE MARTHA SNOW ENDANGER JANNA, JAIL MOM? The Empire Service heads east to Syracuse, Albany, and New York City (with some stops along the way), and west to Buffalo and Niagara Falls. Buses stop at the RIT Inn and Convention Center (5257 W Henrietta Rd) on the southwest side of the building near the back entrance.
Your best bets for mooring are at the mouth of the Genesee (the Rochester harbor) and in Irondequoit Bay, but those only work if you're coming from Lake Ontario. Orator Frederick Douglass lived in Rochester during his most productive years as a speaker and abolitionist, publishing his famous newspaper North Star here, but efforts to create a memorial or museum have only recently come to fruition. The planetarium adjacent to the Rochester Museum and Science Center offers a variety of large-format films and weekly planetarium shows using their state-of-the-art star projector. One should not miss a drive down historic East Ave; with the mansions of Rochester's past barons still mostly intact, you can really see a history lesson of the Rochester area. Most famous for its annual Corn Hill Arts Festival, this area can be nice to walk around any time of the year. The majestic High Falls of the Genesee are what attracted settlers to the area in the first place.
An eclectic neighborhood along University Avenue, near the Village Gate and the Rochester Museum and Science Center. He said driver lay-offs were reduced from 163 (cited in the flier) to 78 only three days ago. All employees will be given the opportunity in very short order to demonstrate their personal commitment to organizational success.

Gaffney said he has spoken with ATU local officials in Rochester, New York, where the Rochester Genesee Regional Transit Authority (RGRTA), where Aesch was CEO. DDOT Main Office is technically open until 6pm on Thursday, the new management informed security to lock doors early with the purpose of pushing out concerned riders.
The new management is doing the absolute minimum possible to meet legal requirements identified in DDOT service standards.
They will operate at a loss for a year or two, and then jack up prices to municipality and customer alike, and reduce service.
THE MAYOR’S NEW TEAM including Mark Aesch should be right out there in front of the public on these public hearings. I mean FlipCams, Cellphones, Voice Recorders, Block Clubs, Cousins, Friends, whatever you can think of. Ask why they are being paid $2 Million+ to make cuts and layoffs that any person off the street could have done.
Introduced in March 2010 are new brochures in eight foreign languages: Chinese (simplified), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish. The airline with the most passengers is Delta, but most of the major domestic carriers and low-cost airlines have multiple daily scheduled flights between Rochester and their hubs. The Maple Leaf is the same but keeps going past Niagara Falls across the Canadian border to Toronto. Be prepared for delays and be aware there's really nothing to do to kill time in or around the station.
If you're on the Erie Canal coming from points east or west, you can often moor in one of the villages along the way, including Pittsford, Fairport, and Brockport, although these are all a few miles outside of Rochester. Located at the confluence of the Genesee River and the Erie Canal, the park is a great place to step off onto the Genesee Riverway Trail, the Genesee Valley Greenway, and the Erie Canalway Trail (see below).
Most famous for its hundreds of lilacs, Highland Park is the site of the annual Lilac Festival.
The conservatory holds a number of more exotic plants that wouldn't survive outside in Rochester, including desert and tropical species. A non-profit organization housed in a huge warehouse, Artisan Works comprises a labyrinth of hallways and levels where every square inch is covered with art in all media (but mostly painting and sculpture). If, when you get to the lighthouse, you wonder where the shore is, it's half a mile northeast. This mansion was built by the founder of Eastman Kodak and has been restored to appear much as it did when he was alive.
The oldest remaining building in Monroe County, parts of which were built as early as 1792. This downtown children's museum, the only one in the world with a specific focus on play, is the place to visit if you have kids from 1-12.
Lots of public artwork (thanks to ArtWalk [29]), some small shops and eateries, and beautiful Victorian homes. Rick Sndyer has now proposed to use federal funding to create a regional authority, bypassing both systems, their workers and riders.
Under the Federal Urban Mass Transportation Act (UMTA), funds can be withheld if the city does not provide “fair and equitable protective arrangements” for D-DOT employees. But RGRTA did not simply abandon routes that significant numbers of passengers relied upon for their jobs. This would have precluded anyone who needed to access DDOT to buy bus passes, pick up schedules, or conduct any other business. But by the time they do that, they already have secured a contract and disbanded local alternatives that can run public transportation. You could also take the canal to the river, then north almost to downtown, mooring at Brooks Landing or Corn Hill Landing.
The gallery provides studio space to dozens of artists, some of whom may be working when you visit, and all of whom are happy to chat about what they're making. This is the house where the women's rights activist lived for many years, and where she was arrested after voting illegally in 1872. Several good restaurants are in the neighborhood and it is in easy walking distance to Eastman Theater and the Eastman School of Music as well as the Memorial Art Gallery. Aesch was CEO of the Rochester Genessee Regional Transportation Authority (RGRTA) in New York state from 2004 to 2011. Many Detroiters fear that a regional authority will condemn Detroit to second-class transportation status, and mean a loss of funds for Detroit bus routes, as well as jobs for Detroiters. They purposefully shut down freedom of speech and avoided confronting the public’s response to their service cuts.
I’ve been informed that Mark Aesch of Envisurage recently set-up just this situation in Long Island before coming to the city.
DDOT used Veolia before and they were so scandalous that we have been in court with them and have banned them from ever coming to Detroit again. There are direct flights to and from Atlanta, Boston, Baltimore, Charlotte, Chicago, Orlando, Philadelphia, Toronto, and Washington DC. Guided tours are available periodically throughout the year; the Halloween tour is particularly popular.
But that might not be the case if they use a sub- or sister- company, the ways to sneakily put in a bid are endless.
The $1.00 fare is valid for an hour so you can change buses without paying again - however, you won't normally be given a ticket unless you ask for one, so let the driver know you plan to change.

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