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Talk a Real Good Game: Did You Hear About Those NY Prison Inmates Who Defeated Harvard’s Debate Team?! But it is a little surprising that America’s premiere debaters lost in a recent contest against a team of inmates at New York’s Eastern Correctional Facility, right?
Bard College has been offering liberal arts classes at their local prison for over a decade now, and the program is a massive success.
Their approach boiled down to the idea that if public schools were allowed to refuse enrollment, private schools and other institutions may step in to fill the void, which would actually provide undocumented students with a better education. Sharing a bed with your baby, or even letting him sleep with pillows, blankets or toys, could result in injury or death. DCF led an adorable photo and video shoot to demonstrate all the correct ways that a baby should be put to bed. The resulting print ads (subway and bus) and informative video (shared via website and social media) go a long way in stopping an entirely preventable tragedy. If I compared with NYC, Paris, London and Barcelona, based on my experience, I would say Tokyo has the cleanest, safest and most reliable subway system.
March 3rd is ???? (Momo no Sekku, a Seasonal Festival of Peach), when Japanese have ???? (Hina Matsuri, Doll's Festival) or Girls' Festival. On the top of the 7 steps, a couple is sitting accompanied by three female imperial court servants.
This tradition can go back in Heian Period (8-12C), when aristocrats were too bored to spend their daily lives without festivals or rites.
In 1959, when love-based match still accounted only for 40% of marriages, ????????? started singing from the rooftops ?????????("From Lady To Man") and sold heart-shaped chocolate for ladies who hesitated to tell her feeling to someone closest in her heart.
In workplaces and offices in Japan, female workers give a small (and cheap) chocolate to male colleagues as token of courtesy, which is called ????? (Giri Choko, Courtesy Choco). There is a Starbucks on Shibuya scramble crossway as seen in the image above, which gains the highest profit per square feet in the world.
This Saturday and Sunday are the most important 2 days for over 500 thousands high school students, as they are taking the most important university entrance examination.
If you want to get admitted to a national-public university, which is usually ranked higher than a private one, the ?????? is the first gate that you must pass.

National newspapers reserve several pages to explain the problems and answer keys on the day after the exam.
The image to the left is ??? or, more specifically, ??????? (Kakifurai Bentou, Deep-fry Oyster Lunch), 650 Japanese yen ($5.50). Instead of oysters, you can order any kind of dish such as fried chicken, grilled fish, BBQ beef, Chinese stir fry, Curry, etc.
In ??? (Higashi Nihon, Eastern Japan), ?? is usually rectangular shaped and toasted, while in ??? (Nishi Nihon, Western Japan) it is round-shaped and boiled. The celemony also works as a class reunion meeting of elementary and junior high schools, so some local governments invite the whole class of (academic) year. The high quality mochi has good chewy texture, bulges well when toasted and stays in the shape when boiled.
It starts in the new year eve and thus main public transportation system work all night on December 31 to the new year day. The most visited shrine is ???? (Meiji Jingu in Tokyo), to which over 3 million people visit between January 1st and 3rd. In Japan, you may want to send ??? to your relatives, friends, office mates, colleagues and all kind of people who have given a favor to you. In these days, ??? is usually “official”in the sense that people use cards made by the post office.
The official ??? comes with a lottery, by which you could win, this year, ????? (a trip to Hawaii), Laptop PC, and so forth. As you may know, Japanese identify years by Chinese zodiac calendar, the 12 animals, ????????????. One of the most famous spot in ?? (Shibuya, Tokyo) is ???? (Hachi Kou mae, in front of Hachi). At present there are more than 20,000 kinds of ?? (I have ?? in my Japanese traditional ceremonial robe.) Have you seen the FLASH movie above? Sumito Sakakibara and Michiru Morikawa, respectively, won the grand prize at The International Manga & Anime Festival (IMAF) held in London.

A tender, yet harrowing film about four isolated young Tokyo children who are abondoned by their mother and struggle to survive alone. You can have nice Sushi in the US, but, unfortunately, it is very hard to find good ramen, except for in New York City. Depending on your performance on ??????, you will choose one university that you apply for. Karen is well known in Japan as the writer of the popular column and book "Crossing Cultures" (Japan Times Newspaper). The vegetable in the top-left compartment of the ??? is ?? (Nimono, "boiled food") of carrot, Shiitake, Lenkon (lotus root) and Saya-Endou (pod-beans). When you visit this website, you will find that each radical of ?? represents some meaning.
Her newspaper column was unusual since it often talked about her families experiences and raising her children in rural Japan. Note, however, that if your score of ?????? is not high enough, you may not be allowed to take the university’s exam.
At the same time, she looked at Japan from a paradigm which foreigners living in the metropolitan areas of Japan rarely experience and she is widely respected for her no-nonsense approach to cross-cultural living.This program is all in English. The final decision is made based on the weighted average of the scores of the ?????? and the university’s exam. Private universities could favor a few applicants, but this is still highly unusual and exceptional and is regarded as cheating.

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