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The Sango Model Railroad Museum presents the largest model railroad display in the world at 27,000 feet. The vision, scale and detail in the San Diego Model Railroad Museum may be initially overwhelming but fear not because any of the 350 volunteers who built (and continue to build) this masterpiece of miniaturization will be delighted to explain and share their craft and enthusiasm with you and better yet, with your kids.
Its lively mix of history and models will turn anyone .The Sango Model Railroad Museum is a model railroad exhibit in Sango, California.
It is a freelance model of an imaginary prototype running between San Diego and Sacramento.
Almost more impressive than the trains, and there are hundreds of them, are the model buildings, bridges, mountains, canyons, desert, trees, grass, weeds, people, animals, cars, etc.

The layout was redesigned in 1986 and is being built in place, section by section, giving visitors a first hand view of model railroad construction.
The layout features a electric trolley line which actually receives power from the overhead catenary system. It's also neat that the setting is (close to) authentic to the town, city, industry, desert or mountain passes that the trains operate in now or in the past.
So you can absorb some history of model railroading, history of real trains and history of San Diego county.It is also fun to view the behind the scenes construction of some new displays.
This requires volunteers who are sculptures, engineers, carpenters, architects, painters, modelers, electricians track planners,  AutoCad and computer afficianodos and more to plan, build, and make evrything work.

There is an incredible amount of fun things going on including at least 10 trains running simultaneously, some of which children can control. It also has an ever-changing display currently showing a haunted house theme and later with a winter wonderland.

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