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This is an excellent size comparison chart of ships from Battlestar Galactica, showing everything from the Mark VII Viper to the Battlestar Pegasus.
Incoming search terms:battlestar galactica sizeBattlestar Galactica Ship Sizebattlestarsbattlestar galactica ships of the fleet bookclylon base stars size to the enterpricebattlestar galactica planskampfstern pegasussize of galacticacolonial battlestarskampfsternBe Sociable, Share! We may have shown you a rendering of the new Volvo V90 already, but that was just meant to preview the potential Polestar performance model.
We might as well be looking at the real thing right now because the V90 holds no secrets in the powertrain department either. Volvo has failed to show the goods, but leaked specs we received from a trustworthy source suggest a lineup of 2.0-liter engines that closely mirrors that of the XC90. The actual measurements of a diecast model may vary from the exact calculation we’ve made above, and should be considered an estimation.
As you shop for diecast model cars you will notice that, in many cases, the same make, model, color, of a particular car may be available in other scales.
To further explain how scale directly affects the size of the model, here a few more calculations of different scales for the 1965 Corvette Coupe we used in the example above. Whether the passion is for American muscle cars or exotic imports, there are diecast models for everyone, and in all sizes. The paint sets for these kits are historically accurate colors that have been specially formulated for model ships. We provide this one-stop resource for Science Fiction scale models, miniatures, dioramas, reference material, tips, tricks and books.
They consist of injection molded styrene flat castings, where you glue the sides, ends, and roof to construct the body.

We found another set that accurately predicts what the big wagon from Sweden will look like.
However, we think he did a much better job at copying the rear quarter glass and trunk design. Sure, it will be a couple of tens of a second slower than is sleek sedan brother, but all the engines will be carried over.
While the S90 faces off against a wide array of German, Japanese and American sedans, the wagon has its own share of natural predators.
Accuracy of the model’s final measurements depend heavily on how precisely the diecast manufacturer has modeled the real car, and how exact their tooling is made. If starting a new collection, ask yourself whether cost is more important than the finer details. They are high quality acrylic based paints that can be thinned with water, thinner or alcohol. Based on scale models of the V90 that have leaked online, we'd say his images are 90% accurate. This works just like a normal engine, only it has a reservoir of compressed air to spin the turbo. Audi, Mercedes and BMW have all been offering station wagon versions of their A6, E-Class and 5 Series over the years. Scale is a fractional representation of the model in comparison with the real life-size car. Some collectors will stay with this scale as they grow older, others move on to larger models.

The larger models may also have more features, such as opening doors, hoods and trunks, more finely detailed engines, functioning steering wheels and real rubber tires. If you are buying for someone you know has already started a collection, you may want to ask them what scale they are collecting.
More often than not, the excitement and passion is all about the make and model of a car, and not so much about the size of it. Brass fittings include winch drums, running lights, antenna, pulleys, rings, rudder hinge and blade shaft. We can calculate the size of the scale diecast replica by dividing these measurements by 18.
Hawse, propeller, mooring rope leads, winch supports and wheels, galley funnel, lifebuoy, lantern, cleat and other small parts are cast metal.
In other words, every 18 inches of the real car will be represented in 1 inch of the scale model. The colors contained in each paint set are based on the colors shown in the picture of the model.

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