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We bought a car in Rhode Island and decided to take the train from Union Station to Providence to pick it up.
Our daughter dropped us off at Union Station, so we wouldn't have to mess with picking up our other car and parking in the lot all day. Then Turn RIGHT (South) and follow it till it deadends and then make a LEFT which is Union Street. I saw Capital Hill, the Washington Monument, the National Archives building, the Watergate building, Georgetown and even the White House. Switzerland’s Most Exhilarating Scenic TrainsMarch 7, 2015Train routes In a country known for its clocks, it’s not surprising that Swiss trains famously run on time. Apparently you have to have reservations and we were able to purchase the tickets online, so when we went to the ticket window we were set to go. The bride especially was very nice and literally give me a tour around the city (after I told her I’d never been to DC). The bride-to-be told me that she wanted to shoot by Georgetown Cupcake (the location of their first date), so we headed there to wrap up the day.
It’s for the sheer drama and beauty of the landscape that Switzerland remains the grande dame of scenic train travel. After you pass Yale University make a right at that large intersection(Ella T Grasso Blvd), and follow it to Columbus St.

Imagine soaring high-altitude views from funicular cars and cog railways that are impossible to glimpse any other way — except from ski lifts.In winter, gorge yourself on Gruyere fondue on a ski (or apres-ski) weekend in Verbier or Zermatt. Our train back to New York departed at 3pm, therefore we grabbed a bite to eat at Union Station. Come summer, sip cool Lavaux white wines at the palm tree-lined Swiss Riviera, or attend the Eidgenossisches Jodlerfest (National Swiss Yodel Contest).This mountainous country’s location bordering Germany, Austria, France, and Italy hints to three of its four official languages. No wonder this 4-hour adventure through the Swiss and Italian Alps was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site.I began my journey in idyllic Chur, home to an impressively raucous weekend nightlife scene. The next morning, the train climbed the narrow-gauge track past pristine glacial lakes nestled between remote peaks, and through fetching villages – such as Pontresina and Poschiavo – dotted with Baroque church spires.
But it was the bridges and tunnels, with their heart-pounding twists and plunges into darkness, which I won’t forget.The Bernina is my holy grail of train journeys, capturing every possible cliche. Riders literally ooh and ahh as they ascend towards the high point of Ospizio Bernina, wind around the stunning Brusio Spiral Viaduct, and dip into valleys where cows placidly munch on improbably green grass. Moritz, home to the 1928 and 1948 Olympics, to sip a glass of Swiss wine by the fire and vow to return in summer.The Golden Pass scenic trainView from the Golden Pass scenic train windowThe Golden Pass scenic train line technically goes from Zweisimmen to Montreux. I hadn’t anticipated this issue: while freshly snow-capped mountains make for wintry charm, the distant peaks were virtually invisible under a whiteout sky. Sure, but those keen on photography may want to check the forecast.As the train descended into posh Montreux with its lakeshore promenade on Lake Geneva, the phrase “Swiss Riviera” suddenly made sense.

The Montreux train station features a Golden Pass center, with free wifi, a cafe, and helpful booking services.
While in town, don’t miss the iconic Chateau de Chillon, a medieval castle immortalized by Lord Byron.
That’s only for the panoramic cars – first and second class standard cars don’t require reservations. While it’s true that the panoramic cards offer impressively soaring windows, I found the views from my standard car perfectly gorgeous.
I also appreciated the fact that I could simply hop on and off along the way with zero reservation worries. After crossing lovely Lake Lucerne on a vintage paddle steamer, you’ll switch to a train that ascends into steep mountain terrain before traversing Gotthard’s Tunnel at 3600 feet. Do you want to splurge on a three-course lunch in the boat’s opulent Belle Epoque dining room, enjoy free booze on the train, and take home a Swiss Army knife souvenir? Second class pass holders can upgrade (86 CHF) for first class amenities, while all pass holders can hop any standard train car and ride sans reservation.Head over to the Eurail website to read more about train travel in Switzerland.

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