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Description: EZTEC OVERLAND EXPRESS TRAIN SET RC Also called Rio Grande Express or Silverado Express (see photos for possible variations-our choice). Please note that EZTEC Scientific Toys brand toy trains are about 10-20% smaller than other true G scale brands, but they do, of course, run on the same gauge track. Important note: The end-connectors of the track provided in this and all other new EZTEC train sets are now different from the type used previously, and so are not compatible with the older type. The new type end-connectors are more fragile, so please be careful when connecting and disconnecting the track. The track included in this set should be quite functional, even when small hairline fractures occur at the rail ends. We recommend that you consider replacing the track from this set with other G gauge track that is more durable. This item does not qualify for promotional free shipping offer, due to its large size and weight. Check beneath the Terms and Conditions to see what SPECIAL OFFERS might currently be in effect!
IMPORTANT SHIPPING CONSIDERATIONS If you need this delivered within 10 days, then be sure to select Priority Mail or First Class Mail (if available). We almost always offer you a choice of shipping options, so please choose according to your need for either economy or speed. First Class Mail (when available) is often the best option for small items weighing less than 13 oz., but please choose Priority Mail or Parcel Post (when available) for combined shipping of multiple items weighing more than 13 oz., because it will be cheaper! The Shipping Calculator on the Web site utilizes essentially the same Shipping and Handling data as the Shipping Calculator on ebay, and should give similar results most of the time. Then you may return to ebay, if desired, and complete your purchases, or you may check-out on the Web Site, which also uses PayPal for your convenience.
Since Prostores is an ebay company, and the Web Site is linked by ebay to our listings on ebay, we believe that it is not in violation of ebay's policies to complete your purchase on the Web Site. Many items are available in multiple quantities (fixed price listings), so please view the quantity available, which is shown near the top of each applicable listing, and order as many as you need! If you are looking for a specific type of item, then save even more time when you use the Search Function. To enter Trains and Toys for Big Boys on ebay, just click on the red open door icon, located within the Seller's Info box, which appears near the top-right of each listing. Or, you may click on one of the categories to the left of the item description in each ebay listing. Also, please check to see what Special Promotional Shipping Offer may be currently available.
The most common type of offer is FREE SHIPPING for combined purchases totaling a certain amount. You may skip down to the Terms and Conditions that follow) "Menee a jest iz spokin in trooth"! We have agreed to allow the use of this space for him to present his sometimes controversial, yet insightful views.
Hay, Red-Nek Roy heer, er Mistur Worthyfox, as I'm o'fishully knowd at formul gath'rin's lik shotgun wedin's, wyn box an' Cheez Wiz partees an' the lik. Bein's how the ekonomee's lowur then a gofur's ass rit now, I'd lik t' shayr sum o' my pro-lost-n-fownd wizdum on isshoes relatid t' that hot tropik. Now, wee reelyz that part o' the reezun iz doo too the ekonomee, witch iz still lowur than a skwirl's nuts. Butt it also ukurs t' us that maybee lots o' fokes think theyr savin' munee wen they spend theyr a-pair-in-tree valyooless tym lookin' at hundrids o' difffint ads all offurin the saym itum, jus' so's they kin find the wun with the cheepist prys. Then theys willin' t' pay a sepurit shippin' an' handlin' charj fur eech itum they purchiss, jus' kuz the prys iz a fyu sents lowur. They doo this fur eech an' evree itum they purchiss, all the wyl thinkin' that they's savin' munnee, 'sted o' byin' az mennee itumz as poss-a-bull from wun sellur, witch wee nachurlee hope wood bee us, in ordur t' reedoos the avrij pur-itum shippin' an' handlin' kost.

If sum sitee-slikur purchissiz 10 itums frum 10 diffrint sellurs, and pays abowt fyv buks fur shippin on eech itum, then that miss-guy-ded sole haz spent 50 buks totul fur shippin', jus' so he kood sayv 5 or 10 buks on the purchiss pryses. If he wuz smart, an' bawt az mennee itums az poss-a-bull frum 1 or 2 diffrint sellurs with kombynd shippin', then he mita only payd abowt 10 or 20 buks fur shippin', witch wooda sayvd him 30 or 40 buks.
Even wen wee subtrakt the 10 buks he sayvd on purchiss prys, wee see that he still wooda sayvd 20 or 30 buks if he yuzd kumbynd shippin frum jus' a fyoo sellurs. For more of Red-Nek Roy's Rustic Repartee, please view other listings within this category! Worthyfox (a fictional character), who is solely responsible for their content, and do not necessarily represent the views or opinions of Trains and Toys for Big Boys, its owner or affiliates.
In some cases, the check-out process may be redirected to the Seller's ProStores web site, and the Buyer may have the option of making additional purchases from that site, and combining them with the purchase(s) made on ebay, as allowed by ebay's ProStores terms. In the event that one part of this agreement becomes invalid, then the Buyer agrees that all other parts shall be considered valid and will remain in effect. In purchasing an item, the Buyer acknowledges that the Buyer has read, understood and agreed to all terms and conditions, as stated both in the listing and in the Seller's My World page (ebay only), which can be accessed by clicking on the Seller's User ID link near the top of the listing.
We reserve the right to cancel a purchase in the event that the item description contains erroneous information, or an error in the shipping information causes the shipping and handling charge collected to be insufficient to cover the actual cost of shipping.
After the error(s) have been corrected, the Buyer will have the option to purchase the item again (with correct S&H charge). We try to describe our items as accurately as possible, but mistakes can occur, so please contact us immediately if you believe that your item is not as described.
We would rather try to work something out with you to your satisfaction, instead of receiving a negative feedback. This is the time it will take to prepare a package for shipment, and does not include shipping time!
Several shipping services are usually offered, and the Buyer may choose the desired service from among those offered. The choices appear near the bottom of your ebay invoice, and may be selected by the Buyer according to the Buyer's need for economy or speed.
For Web store purchases, the Buyer will have an opportunity to select a shipping service during the checkout process. Priority Mail is the generally preferred method, and may be selected automatically by ebay's invoicing system, unless the Buyer chooses another service instead. For small packages, the price difference between Parcel Post and Priority Mail is so small (less than $1.00), that Parcel Post may not even be offered. First Class Mail is usually offered for small items weighing under 13 ounces, but the Buyer should be careful when selecting First Class Mail for combined shipments, as the shipping calculator often provides an erroneous S & H charge when the combined weight exceeds 13 ounces (see additional information below). If the Buyer chooses any delivery service other than Priority Mail, then the buyer agrees to wait at least 21 days from the date of payment before filing an Item Not Received claim.
The best way to reduce your per-item shipping cost is to purchase several items at one time, which takes advantage of the combined shipping discount.
Since the shipping and handling charge is based on the cumulative weight of the items purchased, plus the very reasonable handling charge(s), the Buyer may rest assured that the combined shipping and handling charge will not be deliberately excessive.
Alternatively, the Buyer may select another available shipping service instead, and pay immediately, or when ready.
The available shipping services are shown near the bottom of the invoice during the check-out process.
If the Buyer believes that the amount paid for S & H on a First Class Mail combined shipment was excessive, then the Buyer may contact the Seller via ebay's Message system to discuss a possible partial refund. Look for any special promotional offers regarding FREE or REDUCED S&H charges for multiple-item purchases that may be available at varying times! Due to special packaging requirements, large train sets and certain other large items cannot be combined with other items for shipping.
Train sets and certain other large items do not qualify for special promotional free shipping offers.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING We will generally ship to the United States, Canada, North and South America, Mexico, Europe and Australia only.
The Handling fee is separate and distinct from the Shipping charge, and is necessary to defray some of the costs related to the careful packaging required for international shipments.
The total cost for delivery is called Shipping & Handling, and is comprised of the sum total of both the Shipping fee & the Handling fee, and is automatically calculated by ebay's invoicing system. Train sets and other large items may also require an additional $10.00 Over-Size fee, due to certain size limitations imposed by the United States Postal Service (USPS) or United Parcel Service (UPS).
International shipments with a total combined value of $150.00 or less may be sent via the United States Postal Service's First Class Mail International or Priority Mail International.
International shipments with a total combined value of $150.01 or more MUST be sent via UPS with delivery confirmation (signature required).
In the event that at least one form of UPS sevice is not available at a comparable rate (within $10.00) to USPS service, then the buyer will be contacted by us via email to discuss possible alternatives, which may include payment of any additional fees required by UPS. The buyer may be offered, at our discretion, the option of cancelling the purchase, if a safe, trackable, economical delivery service with signature required delivery confirmation cannot be offered, The Buyer may select their desired shipping service from those offered in the invoice, during the check-out process. While First Class Mail International via USPS service is the most economical, it does tend to be less reliable and slower than USPS Priority Mail.
For items sent via Priority Mail International, The Buyer agrees to wait at least 21 days from shipping date before filing an Item Not Received claim. Train sets and certain other large items do not qualify for special promotional shipping offers. In some cases, an International Processing Fee of $4.00 may be added, at seller's sole discretion. This fee may be applied when extra-careful packaging for long distance shipments is necessary.
Under no circumstances will items be marked as "gift", nor will the Seller participate in any other scheme which aids the Buyer in attempting to illegally avoid fees required by the laws of the government of the buyer's country. REGARDING DETAILED SELLER RATINGS (DSR): (ebay only) Since the shipping calculator is used, and the very reasonable handling charge is disclosed in advance, please only bid or buy if you agree that the shipping and handling charge is "VERY REASONABLE", and deserving of a 5-STAR detailed seller rating. Most of our items are of limited quantity, and we would prefer to deal with people who appreciate the amount of time, effort and expense that is involved in the CAREFUL PACKAGING of our premium items. Although a 4-STAR rating might seem like a good score, due to ebay's stringent requirements, it actually penalizes the seller, and may result in the loss of certain privileges and benefits to the seller. If you are generally happy with your purchase experience, then please give 5-STAR ratings across the board. REGARDING FEEDBACK: (ebay only) In the rare event that a problem arises, the Buyer agrees to contact the Seller via ebay's message system in order to allow the Seller an opportunity to rectify the situation. Leaving negative feedback without first contacting the Seller, or after the Seller has provided a remedy to a legitimate complaint, such as a full or partial refund, or replacement of defective or missing item, is not only contrary to ebay's feedback guidelines, but is considered as a serious breach of "netiquette". Making deliberately untruthful statements about another person or business in a public forum, such as ebay's feedback system, is a legally actionable offense, which could potentially result in a libel lawsuit. These terms do not attempt to circumvent the buyer's right to leave negative feedback when appropriate, but rather serve to maintain the integrity of the feedback system by enforcing truthfulness.
Governing Law: In the event that it becomes necessary to settle a dispute in a court of law, the Buyer agrees to be subject to the laws of the state of North Carolina, and to appear in a court having jurisdiction within Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. In cases involving libel, such as making deliberately false or malicious statements in negative feedback, which can hurt the seller's reputation and standing on ebay, thereby causing decreased earning potential or account restrictions, the Buyer may also be responsible for compensatory and punitive damages.

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