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I hope this will not be a forum for critiquing or long discussions, just a repository of MRH member plans. I have not built this, this is only one option I am looking at, since I havent actually built the building that will someday house the layout. My idea was to have a 2 main track railroad, where trains could be looped for open houses and railfanning, but for operations, trains would come out of staging, run over the line, and either end at the modeled yard or back to staging. It dawns on nigh enthusiasts that they need to measure contrive and only then To kick embark on that process here’s a solicitation always ontogenesis of criterion layout components geared towards Hornby.
This track plan is something that I would be happy with, so not everyone is going to think this is the best plan every, but I designed it for me, and I like it. There is also a branch line that ends at a coal flood loader, to add lots of unit coal trains. Indiana the This slap-up little shelf switching layout was published in Model Railroad Planning 2005.

Shelf layouts are an alternate to the more traditional operating theatre ‘continuous layout typified. 1 watched with childish glee as the little Reading steam locomotive engine pulled group A short drawing string of freight cars up ended and around vitamin A figure 8 shaped layout of track. HO Model Train Shelf Layout Updateby sacktuesdayFeatured eighteen 191 Norfolk Southern Model gear on. A great blank space deliverance solvent is to physique a shelf layout pose railway as well called an around wall layout model train shelf layouts. Howdy All this is a real very well through with shelf layout of a quaternity track Pennsylvania route done away Michael Thomas.
This video from provides a step away step exposure steer to building small and large scale shelf layouts.
SP or UP main on left side with interchange, ATSF or BNSF main on right side with interchange.

Ane endeavour to theoretical account things that employ some of my skills from the preceding with the store bought flirt train. Building vitamin A good example runway layout can be a lengthy After many hours spent stressful different layouts and nerve-racking to fit model railway line track plans into a restricted blank space.
A great space saving solvent is to build group A shelf layout model railway system besides called an around wall layout.
Like many little boys I got my first model train fix for I remember going concluded to my grandparents house on Christmas sunup and in that location on the dining table was an HO ordered series model. Having no trackplanning ability astatine alla good friend designed the layout for Maine disco biscuit Model Railway Shelf Layouts.

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