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New Jersey's own David Smith is enjoying his 15 minutes right about now, as the world is finally talking about his model train set. Scientists identified a Plesiosaur vertebra at the museum's annual Identification Day. Created by New Jersey train enthusiast David Smith, the minuscule creation features a five-carriage train  that travels around an oval track.  The train, which cost him all of ?6 to build, is powered by a standard rotating motor head, with a body carved out of moldable plastic (yep it's just one small slab, instead of separate carriages). The train is part of the fictitious village he is going to create called James River Branch.
It certainly is an awesome model which deserves a second look and it shows how we have all been dominated by the presence of trains no matter how miniscule it may sound. 8:17 am November 12, 2009 By Julian Horsey Tweet Share4 +1Shares 4I have seen some small models but this train set has to be the smallest I have ever seen. About five times the width of a ballpoint pen tip  this set comes complete with mountains, tunnel and trees. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
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The smallest scale model train set has gone on sale – so compact that the entire layout fits inside a briefcase. The portable sets, which cost around A?725, are likely to be popular with celebrity model railway enthusiasts such as the singer Rod Stewart and record producer Pete Waterman.They are currently the smallest scale train sets on the market and fit neatly into a lockable aluminium briefcase. Not to be accused of ever taking the easy way out, he even added a ride through a tunnel, as all train sets seem to be required to do.
Since it is a model train village inside a model, the smallest train model is being touted as a postmodern sculpture that exudes artistic relevance.
Trains are gradually losing their importance but they still can generate the headlines around the world, and that is perhaps what makes this model train so relevant. David Smith created this tiny train set completely from styrene as an N scale layout in Z scale. Checkout the video after the jump.
The German company Noch has produced several different layouts – including snowy winter scenes and quaint villages with mountain tunnels for the trains to pass through. No -- it's probably the world's smallest, most ridiculous and most awesome all at once (all at once).
It was built using just a craft knife and a rock steady hand which has resulted in the most amazing train model in the world.

The company says the mini models are designed to save space and be portable, making them ideal for businessmen or even touring rock stars.The electric sets come complete with working locomotives and passenger carriages run by a built-in controller. The so-called James River Branch community has been in the works for months on end, and the $11 working locomotive is 35,200 times smaller than a real one. There is even a choice of background scenery depending on which season of the year you prefer.
Of course, the moving trains are really just attached to the top of a rotating tube, but you can certainly pretend you never heard that spoiler if you'd like. Sun-kissed countryside scenes represent the summer months and snow-covered mountain ranges the winter.

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