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Pietermaritzburg based industry leaders Shospec have for the past 20 years been successfully providing the industrial and building industries of Kwa-Zulu Natal with quality, high-end Shop-Fitting services, Light Steel Frame structures and successful Turnkey project services. The benefits of steel for the owner are clear: safety, strength, design flexibility, and minimal invasion of your surrounding environment.
Building with steel offers more cost stability, more value for your money, and the ability to change and remodel. David is a wonderful person to work with,he is always very responsive to our request and is prompt on delivery.We reccomend him anytime. David is an outstanding owner who is very responsible, Knowledgeable, and prompt in responding to customers. I highly recommend David from Deep Blue Smarthouse for people looking for steel framed housing solutions that can be shipped anywhere in the world.
Made of High tensile steel frame within the well advanced LGSF technology, Deep Blue’s Bunkhouses stands for quality, durability, security and a long life time. The Bunk house is based on Australia Standard Light guage steel frame system with Hot rolled steel frames. Being a worldwide unique foldable built in Mobile Housing technology, DeepBlue Mobile Houses can be easily erected by unskilled labors in a very short period of time.
Based on our patented foldable technology, transportation and erection can be done in a very simple and convenient way in order to save lots of time, energy and unnecessary expenses. Only Need You To Provide Us:house area,how many floor and bedrooms,luxury or normally,or low cost configuation.
Our steel house kits with bolt-together red iron framing assure your family the strongest, safest, and healthiest choice in new home building today!
This page lists brief explanations of some important concepts involved in buying and constructing a steel home. Your permit office will adhere to a particular code (IBC, etc.) and require that your home meet certain minimum engineering specifications like wind load, seismic factor, roof load, etc. You need to check with your building inspector or permit office and confirm the code and load specifications you will have to meet to get your permits.

Kodiak's standard framing package is designed to attach directly to a slab; however, our optional steel floor joist systems allow you to build over a basement or crawlspace (stem wall).
If you want to install a conventional asphalt shingle roof on your Kodiak home, it will require decking just as it would on a wooden frame.
Our optional steel roof package consists of PBR panels and assorted trim elements of 26-gauge (.0185 mil) 80,000psi steel sheet with a Kynar paint system over a Galvalume substrate. Kodiak offers both high-quality steel siding and Polar Wall Plus deluxe insulated vinyl siding. Being able to create larger living spaces while eliminating, rotting, shrinkage and warping, steel makes your home more affordable and easier to build. And a steady 25% increase in turnover over the past three years and a solid, growing and satisfied client base is proof of Shospec’s commitment to quality and service.
Because of this, your house plans, land plans and construction can all originate in the ARC offices, therefore, saving the owner money and time. Not only is it great for the environment, but it is non-combustible, great for your energy bills and very low maintenance.
By a simple plug in connection to the local electricity and water supply, our clients can start enjoying the convenience and warm feeling of being home in their DeepBlue Mobile House. All Kodiak models can be engineered to meet the listed code and load combinations, and few models can meet even higher specifications.
In addition to architectural floor plan and elevation drawings, you will receive a set of structural drawings that includes anchor bolt plans, frame and roof cross sections, connection details, and roof sheeting plans (where applicable).
For each of our home models, Kodiak offers a specially designed floor-joist system, which includes a steel support beam and heavy-gauge floor and rim joists.
The package includes 4-inch steel gutter for the eaves, and a 4-inch steel downspout for each corner. The roofing package comes complete with all the fasteners and closures needed for proper installation. At your option, every page of the structural plans can be stamped with the seal of an engineer licensed in the state the home is to be delivered, certifying that the structure meets the building code and design loads listed on the contract and the drawings.

Both are made of 26-gauge (.0185 mil) 80,000psi steel sheet with a Kynar paint system over a Galvalume substrate.
On the other hand, our steel roof system attaches directly to the roof purlins and requires neither the hat channel assembly nor the decking. You can configure siding options for each wall individually, allowing you to get exactly the look you want. Our aluminum soffit panels are made from .019 mil-thickness 3105-grade aluminum alloy (H18 hardness) with a baked-on acrylic finish.
By reflecting 97% of the radiant energy that strikes it, this thin, reflective blanket effectively counteracts one of the major sources of unwanted heat transfer in any type building. The Kynar paint system, which carries a twenty-year manufacturer's warranty, is the finest steel finish available and will will perform for decades without fading, peeling, or cracking.
Consequently, when someone orders our frame system with our steel roofing, we do not include the hat channel assembly with the frame. If you purchase our Polar Wall Plus insulated vinyl siding, we will supply you with vinyl soffit.
If your steel framed home should get struck by lightning the electrical current will pass straight into the ground.
You can download sample drawings for each of our models from the page devoted to that home plan in our Models and Pricing section. Instead of showing a deduction in the price of the frame, we simply incorporate it into the price we post for the roof.

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