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The modular house design is composed of two intersecting diagonal axes centered around social area - dining room as a meeting place.
The steel frame transportable prefab home (New Zealand) specifically designed for simple transportation and crainage when fully assembled.
One axis incorporates the bedrooms, the other axis includes the living room and public entry hall.

The low maintenance powder coated steel shell can be made entirely secure by four folding decks which enclose the building and operated by remote controlled electric winches. The design consists of two modules and uses new modular technology - Kullman Frame System (KFS), which allows build modular homes of prefabricated steel hollow tube frames.
The prefab building is designed suitable for extreme environments and to be cyclone and earthquake resistant.

This prefabricated system has capacity to achieve 12 stories height and uses patented connection technology that speeds the overall construction process and minimizes field finishing.

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