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NYC Transit neglects C train riders during major subway service changes BY Kate Nocera, Pete Donohue DAILY NEWS WRITERS Tuesday, February 16, 2010, 5:49 PM A A A facebook Tweet email Schwartz for News Changes in subway trains this morning with the C train running express, and A and D running local. I was watching the local news where they were doing some man on the street interviews asking people about talk of more subway fare hikes. I know there is a semblance of a schedule because I tend to catch trains around the same time, but even if there was one I would never complain that the subway doesn’t follow it. This is one of the many methods I use to make myself feel more local.A There are some stations where I know precisely where the door is going to stop, but a few I know only a little more vaguely.
Actually this contraption which you’ll find at the Union Square subway station is a device for testing the quality of air in the subway.
As far as I’m concerned there are only a few things that excuse you from walking excessively slowly through the subway.
A friend pointed out to me the wikipedia article on unused NYC Subway lines, check it out!. The subway station nearby where I work is often populated by people who cannot for the life of them swipe a Metrocard.
I know there are reasons people would take a bike on the subway, but it still strikes me as odd most of the time. Remember, unscheduled changes can occur, so be sure to check the MTA’s website before you head out. The Eastern Parkway-Brooklyn Museum 2, 3 and 4 train station will be closed from noon to 7 p.m.
At the Crown Heights-Utica Avenue stop, certain staircases will be designated for entering and exiting. On Friday, MetroNorth will offer 17 extra trains leaving from Grand Central, while the LIRR will make 10 additional trains available from Penn Station for the afternoon rush. Below you’ll find weekend subway service changes in Brooklyn for the A, C, G, B, Q, D, N, R, 2, 3, 4, and 5 lines, plus the Franklin Avenue shuttle and some notes on changes in other boroughs.
After Nevins St, Wakefield-bound trains run via the to Wall St (skipping Bowling Green), then are rerouted nonstop to Chambers St and resume regular service.

For service to 25 St, Prospect Av, 4 Av-9 St and Union St, take the D or N to Atlantic Av-Barclays Ctr and transfer to a Coney Island-bound D or N. For service from these stations, take the B or Q to Kings Hwy, Newkirk Plaza, Church Av or Prospect Park and transfer to a Coney Island-bound Q. No Euclid Av-bound service at Spring, Canal, Chambers, Fulton and High Sts. Details on travel alternatives here. Then there are the occasions where the conductor stops in a slightly different place because I assume they’re new. I started college late 1999 so I’ve basically been here for over ten years and never seen this. It was funny to me though because this was pretty much my exact thought process before the F train rolled into the station. I saw a new subway map the other day and it threw me for a loop with its new color palette. When I see a line of people three or more longer at the turnstiles, I assess their approximate Metrocard swiping ability and if I deem it insufficient I keep on walking towards the larger bank of turnstiles. This week, the Manhattan-bound B will be running local and the Coney Island-bound Q will be running express, from Wednesday through Friday. For service to Parkside Avenue, Beverley Road, Cortelyou Road, Avenue H, Avenue J, Avenue M, Avenue U, and Neck Road, take the Q to Church Avenue, Newkirk Plaza, Kings Highway, or Sheepshead Bay and transfer to a Manhattan-bound B or Q.
And if you’re planning on heading to the West Indian Day Parade in Brooklyn on Monday, expect delays and changes. For service from these stations, take the D or N to 36 St and transfer to a Norwood-bound D or Astoria-bound N. For service to Parkside Av, Beverley, Cortelyou Rds, Avenue H, Avenue J, or Avenue M, take the Q to Church Av, Newkirk Plaza, or Kings Highway and transfer to a Manhattan-bound B or Q. It sounded like he couldn’t think of things to complain about because who the hell holds the subway to a schedule?
I think most people suspect it’s some sort of video monitoring or security device in the subway.

I wonder how many people there are out there who thought that unlimited cards worked this way and then felt totally gypped when it didn’t. Even when I end up getting to the other side at the same time as the bad Metrocard swiper I still feel justified because waiting and watching someone attempt to get through is an excruciating form of pain that I don’t feel I need ever put myself through.
For service from these stations, take the B or Q to Kings Highway, Newkirk Plaza, Church Avenue, or Prospect Park and transfer to a Coney Island-bound Q.
Starting before dawn, NYC Transit began running C trains on A train express tracks through much of Manhattan to make way for track and signal work.
A subway station I use frequently is sometimes populated by a very smelly individual who is down the stairs and from there at the other end of a small hallway. But there were no extra personnel or announcements alerting C train riders waiting on the local platform at Penn Station mid morning . That means that someday people will see brown M trains and go WHOOOOOAAAA just like whenever I saw an orange Q train. An outdated "weekend and holiday" service change notice was plastered on platform columns, wrongly stating C-related work and diversions ended at 5 a.m. Yesterday there was someone walking particularly slowly in front of me making it difficult to get past with any expediency. Eff, 53, of Long Island, and a friend watched three uptown E trains go by before learning from the Daily News that their wait for a C train was futile."We left with plenty of time and now we're going to be late," she said. Conductors on uptown E trains made periodic announcements of the service changes, but not always at key junctures.
On those trains, pre-recorded announcements and digital maps wrongly told straphangers that transfers to C trains were available at 50th St. A NYC Transit spokesman apologized that the information "was not up to par" and said staff members were working to make sure appropriate signs were up.

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