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Ever watch a sitcom that's set in New York City and obviously filmed in the city, that takes you out of the element once they move to a subway platform or train that's equally obviously not part of NYC's MTA system? Turns out that fake NYC subway you see in some TV shows and movies usually, in fact, is an official but rarely seen part of the mass transit system. CK said he thought filming inside Grand Central Station during season two was going to be his trickiest NYC shoot, but quickly learned otherwise. "New York is great, because people really don't give a shit. The FDNY's Fire Academy on Randall's Island includes tracks with two subway train cars installed by the MTA for simulations of fire drills on both modern and older models of the subway system. The fourth season of Louie started production this week, and will premiere on FX in May 2014. People began coughing and covering their eyes as the smoke-filled train sat for approximately 20 minutes before reversing back to Grand Central and opening its doors. Photo: NYC 7 train fills with smoke under E River, 10 something pm, no MTA explanation: story soon? The Metropolitan Transit Authority reportedly said fans were on during the incident and no one was in danger despite the smoke. The fire disrupted MTA subway service for several hours while firefighters and MTA officials worked to solve the problem.
THE COMMUTE:  On Tuesday, we discussed the railroads and elevated lines that preceded the building of the first subway that still are in use today, and are now part of the subway system.
Motion pictures slowly replaced amusement parks, circuses and live theater as the chief source for entertainment. The signs were a carryover from the time when Brooklyn was a separate city and “the city” referred to Manhattan. Elevated lines turned out to be only a temporary solution to relieving traffic congestion on Manhattan streets. Another attempt was a secret subway adjacent to City Hall, built by Alfred Beach in the 1870s.
The opening of the Brooklyn Bridge in 1883 also marked a milestone in the development of the transportation system.
However, it was not until subways were already operating in Boston and in London did New York get one of its own. The City Hall Station, now closed to the public, was a grandiose affair resembling no other subway station.
The subway was soon extended to South Ferry and then to Brooklyn to meet the LIRR at Atlantic Avenue and Flatbush Avenue in 1908, and also to the Bronx by elevated lines along Jerome Avenue and to Bronx Park. The West End and Culver Railroads were placed on elevated lines in the 1910s, and were connected to the existing elevated system. In 1940, the city purchased the segment of the short-lived New York, Westchester and Boston Railway between East 180th Street and Dyre Avenue, and connected it to the elevated and subway system. The most recent railroad to be taken over by the subways was the Rockaway Line in 1962 1956, which charged a double fare (that was later eliminated), which was unique to the subway system. Not all railroads successfully made the conversion to part of the elevated or subway system. Also abandoned was the entire Bay Ridge LIRR division, operating in the same open cut as the western portion of the Sea Beach Line continuing just south of Avenue H and extending north to East New York junction.
The next major development to the subways was what is known as the dual contracts in the late 1910s.
It had that name because it enabled major expansions to both the IRT subway and existing BMT subway lines along Nassau Street in Manhattan and 4th Avenue in Brooklyn. Suffice it to say that the first subway was originally conceived to operate the length of Broadway in Manhattan, and was diverted to the East Side as a compromise because the East Side wanted a piece of it. The Dual Contracts extended the original subway to the Upper East Side to promote development and to relieve congestion on the 2nd Avenue and 3rd Avenue Els. The BMT was awarded a subway along Broadway, south of Central Park, with plans to extend it further northward along 8th Avenue, and a crosstown line across 14th Street extending to East New York to meet the existing Canarsie line, which had already been joined to the Broadway el in Brooklyn. Next Week in Part 3: More about the Dual Contracts, the IND System, the decline of the elevated system, and the rise and decline of the subways. The Commute is a weekly feature highlighting news and information about the city’s mass transit system and transportation infrastructure. Disclaimer: The above is an opinion column and may not represent the thoughts or position of Sheepshead Bites.

It always saddened me to a point that NYC had (has) this tendency to build over its history (Penn Station). The problem with a trolley system here is that they work best on an exclusive right of way, not in shared traffic.
That urban explorer Robert Diamond has been trying to build a trolley line in Red Hook for the past 20 years. I tried checking his website when writing the article so I could provide a link, but I got the message that it doesn’t exist anymore. Also if the IRT did get 4th Avenue, that would have precluded it from being extended down Eastern Parkway.
I actually meant that I wouldn’t see how trains could stop at Atlantic Avenue and then curve over to 4th Avenue unless they went through some switching system that may have been even more elaborate than the current BMT system. I’m not too sure about this, but I believe the plan for Fourth Avenue service had something to do with using the Nevins Street lower level. A southbound E train was suspended this morning due to an accident involving Google co-founder Sergey Brin. Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. AndroidPolice has released some leaked pictures of an early prototype of Motorola's smartwatch. The photos do not reveal too much but show off a standard square display with large bezel (and Moto logo), a rocker and a power button on the lower left of the watch.
It appears that Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg will be writing and directing a new film about the Nintendo vs. You will be able to change your password and other profile details once you have logged in. The MTA's official guide to filming underground in NYC doesn't offer Randall's Island as a location, but does note "film-friendly stations and lines" -- among them, the Grand Central-Times Square Shuttle, and the Church Avenue F stop in Brooklyn; the latter, because its station includes multiple levels of tracks that often aren't in use. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. The smoke reportedly came from a track fire, but the cause is unknown, and no injuries were reported. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe.
As with the institution of free bus transfers that took about 60 years to fully implement, it took about the same period of time to update signage to reflect that Brooklyn was indeed part of New York City, which some still refuse to accept. Additional information can be found here. Also an underground trolley terminal was built beneath Delancey and Essex Street on the Lower East Side. All Brooklyn elevated lines with the exception of the Broadway line were extended over the Brooklyn Bridge, along with many trolley lines to a terminal at Park Row, where connections could be made with Manhattan els.
Ferry transportation, the previous means of connecting Manhattan to Brooklyn, slowly began to die until none were left.
It opened in October 1904 and operated from the City Hall Station (not to be confused with the station on the R line) following the current route of the 4 and 5 trains on 42nd Street, on what is now the Times Square to Grand Central Shuttle and along the current 1 line to Broadway and 145th Street.
The first subway also featured kiosks at most station entrances to protect passengers from the rain and snow. Surface railroads with grade crossings were no longer feasible and were either placed on embankments or in open cuts before and after the building of the first subway. A three-mile segment of the Rockaway line north of Liberty Avenue and south of Rego Park was abandoned in 1962.
The LIRR Manhattan Beach Branch, operating alongside the Brighton line, ceased passenger operation in 1922 1924, and most of the rights-of-way were built over with housing.
Deciding which company would get to operate which route and where those routes would go was a long and complicated process, far too complex to cover here.
However, before it was actually built, some debated whether the idea of riding in a hole in the ground would even catch on. It was also extended south along 7th Avenue to supplement the 6th Avenue and 9th Avenue Els. Based upon their expertise in their respective fields, our columnists are responsible for fact-checking their own work, and their submissions are edited only for length, grammar and clarity.
I think it would add to the attraction as well as make it more accessible (ie – red hook anyone?
The thing I do remember when we had trolleys is that no one ever dared to double park because that would have meant locking he tracks.

At one point, he had laid track (volunteer labor) and power lines but then the city made his rip up everything.
I really don’t see how connecting it to the rest of the IRT would have been truly feasible. According to doctors and nurses, he seemed unfazed, but did mention that he would be Citi Biking for the remainder of his trip instead of taking the subway. You will be able to switch away from the main stage feed to other camera views of the "Winners Walk," "Audience" and "Press Room." If watching from a mobile device, there will be an ongoing stream of social media and a photo gallery.
The same sources says Amazon is looking for larger discounts than rival services have received. On the Xbox 360, the game has reached 10 million copies sold, and the "Pocket Edition" for mobile has reached 10 million sales, as well. The company had just $57 million in digital content sales, down 27 percent year-over-year from already dropping numbers. Sega console wars from the 90s. The movie, called "Console Wars," will be based on the new book of the same name.
In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). Horsecars gave way to electric trolleys after a brief experimentation with a few cable car lines. In the mid- to late-1800s, New York City flirted with the idea of building an underground subway. The subway portion between Bowling Green and South Ferry became a shuttle, now discontinued. A success after the first day of operation, plans were quickly made to extend the first subway.
If you would like to submit an opinion piece or become a regularly featured contributor, please e-mail nberke [at]sheepsheadbites [dot]com. Because of the tight trolley turns, I do not believe there would be enough space to convert it to a bus terminal. According to the FDNY, another nearby passenger drinking a Pepsi found the insult so hilarious that he proceeded to spit the liquid all over Brin’s Glass, causing it to short-circuit. Press reports to the contrary are simply untrue." Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says he got a great deal in acquiring the company, which currently has 465 million users. In Japan, it is expected to be no contest, as Microsoft has historically had a very tough time competing there in Sony's home country. For Japanese consumers, the PS4 is offered in its standard package for for ?41,900 (~$405 USD) and a bundle with a PlayStation Camera and a free download of Knack for ?46,100 (~$450 USD). On the Sony PlayStation 3, where the game is relatively new, there have been over 1 million copies sold. I got an email.
The cable will cost $185 million. "We have to respect privacy, human rights and the sovereignty of nations.
And Grand Central Station is even more so, he added, with the crowd seemingly changing and refreshing behind the camera every few minutes. Also, it would not make sense since with the return of the B39, only one bus will operate on the Williamsburg bridge as compared to approximately a half dozen trolleys that formerly used it.
It may have also worsened conditions today in the A Division, which is well beyond capacity. Hotels flourished, helped along by the many horseracing tracks in Southern Brooklyn, most of which closed in 1911 following a law banning racetrack betting in New York State, which contributed to the demise of the resort hotels.
The tunnel was soon abandoned (with a new terminus built at Flatbush Avenue) and was not discovered until several decades ago.
It does seem easier to convert that space into something else than to make it into a transportation hub again. Visit his web site I think it can be found Brooklyn Historic Rail Roadoad or something like that.  He used to run tours of the ancient LIRR tunnel under Atlantic Avenue too.

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