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Until now I’ve tried to keep the subway stories I post limited to those out of the abandoned Rochester Subway. Francisco Hernandez Jr., of Brooklyn, entered the subway on October 15 with nothing but his backpack, iPhone, 10 dollars, and a MetroCard. It turns out the boy, who has Asperger’s, a developmental disorder that affects the ability to socialize and communicate, was hiding because he thought he was in trouble after an incident at school. The recent post “The blessings of a Navigo card” by Philippa Campsie at the blog Parisian Fields comparing Paris and Toronto public transportation got me thinking about mass transit in the big cities that I have lived in.
Back in Northern California, while it may work fine within San Francisco, in Silicon Valley, public transportation is, ahem, inefficient. Now public transportation in New York and Paris isn’t perfect, and it might be smelly, but it works and all kinds of people use it every day.
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The MetroCard is your ticket to the city, permitting you access to all subway stations in New York. Paper maps are available in many subway stations, but there are great map apps that are as easily accessible and as reliable—if not more so.
Local trains stop almost three times as often as express routes, so if you’re traveling a longer distance—from the Upper West Side to the Brooklyn Bridge, for example—you will want to take the express route.
If you see a train with many packed cars and one empty car, you’re seeing what is often called a “bum car.” Whether it’s the smell, a fight, or a broken heater or air conditioner, there’s a good reason no one is jumping on that open car.
If you want to grab a snack on your ride from Uptown to Midtown, make sure your food doesn’t have a strong odor that might annoy the passengers around you.
Just as your mother probably taught you, it is good etiquette to give up your seat for elderly people and pregnant women on the subway. If you follow these steps, you’ll fit right into the brisk flow of traffic without causing any jams. Stowaway is a quarterly not-for-profit travel magazine created and published as a project for the capstone class of the editing minor at Brigham Young University. The New York Times profiles author Philip Ashforth Coppola and his Silver Connections book series in this article, One Man’s Opus to New York’s Subway Art, Decades in the Making. An annual Sunday holiday season tradition returns: original IND subway cars from the 1930s will run in service on part of the E and F lines between Queens Plaza and 2nd Avenue every Sunday from November 30 through December 28. The developer has released a new version of NXSYS, Signalling and Interlocking Simulator for the Apple Mac OSX operating system. If you looked at the MTA’s website in the days following Hurricane Sandy, you probably saw a subway map (pdf) that wasn’t what most straphangers were used to. Gordanier says he’ll keep updating the MTA’s subway recovery service map until things get back to normal.

Example: two hours before this story aired on WNYC, the MTA restored full service on the L line. But recently there have been a rash of great stories from the underground I’ve just had to share. He would not see the light of day again for 11 days, when a NYC police officer recognized him from a missing person poster and brought him home to his mother, Marsiela Garcia.
He took the battery out of his phone and lived on snacks and water from subway newsstands while riding random subway trains around Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and the Bronx. When I was getting my masters at NYU, I would walk down my block in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn to the Carroll Street stop and take the F train into Manhattan to West 4th street.
My husband is able to take the light rail to work because we live near downtown Campbell and he works in downtown San Jose, but as I am writing this he has just texted me to say that he will be home late (again) because the train isn’t coming. As Silicon Valley grows (as it is doing exponentially), we are going to need reliable, efficient public transportation. Most New Yorkers use subway maps, digital or paper, so you’ll fit right in with one in hand. The subway should be able to get you anywhere in Manhattan in 30 minutes or less when navigated properly and when there are no delays.
However, during rush hour—when the boarding traffic is substantially higher—stand aside to let people off the car before you board.
Philip has been painstakingly sketching the tile artwork and other station decoration of New York's subway since 1978.
But then the under-river subway tunnels flooded, and the MTA had to convey to riders what was and wasn’t running. His task was -- and is -- to quickly translate the continuous service changes into a stripped-down map. I still remember hauling my computer and notebooks up the never-ending flights of stairs at that stop to finally reach the outside world. We started out living in Amelie‘s slanted, green-hued and slightly magical 18th arrondissement, home of Sacre Coeur, the beautiful gigantic white church on top of the hill.
At this point, I would walk to la Gare du nord to take the purple ligne 4 to the sketchy Porte de Clignancourt. New York’s subway, also known as “the train,” is the longest underground railway in the United States. You can purchase this pass with cash, a credit card, or a debit card at MetroCard Vending Machines located near subway entrances. Also note that some express routes are changed to local routes on Sundays and in cases of construction. However, if you do find yourself in a bum car, “you can walk in between cars,” says Kimberly Vartan, who works in Manhattan.
Karene Torgerson, who lived in New York for six years, admires the courtesy people sometimes show on the subway.

I was unaware of this until now, but Philip used my photo of 18th Street on the original IRT to do the corresponding sketches, as he had never been in this abandoned station. Just colored lines on a gray and white background showing what’s operational, and shaded out lines showing what isn’t.
After graduating, I would take the F up to 42nd street Bryant Park and walk through the Garment District, passing by the imposing New York Times building on my way to work for France Today magazine (now located in the UK).
Our neighborhood was connected to the rest of the snailshell that is la ville lumiere by la ligne 12, which is a deep forest green. Eventually I ended the relationship with the woman I was tutoring because a) it was a dodgy neighborhood and b) she was a rather snooty francaise. Workers, tourists, and families commute on the train 24 hours a day, seven days a week—and it takes practice for a beginner to get around on it.
This will give you time to find your way and prevent a panic if your mobile app doesn’t work underground. Full HTML documentation of the new Macintosh features as well as a thorough upgrading of the extensive Version 1 helpfile are included. A year later, I rode it all the way up to it’s second to last stop in Manhattan, 57th street. Our stop was Jules Joffrin, across from the city hall of our arrondissement and a friendly neighborhood bistro where we would stop for un demi (a beer) from time to time. No matter, as it gave me more time to take other metro lines to do more interesting things throughout the city, like visit museums and go to cafes with friends. I would walk down 5th avenue past the luxury brands on my way to the office of the French skincare company who was my last New York employer before moving with my new husband to Paris. To get to work, my husband took this line to the terminus (Porte de la Chapelle) where he would be greeted by prostitutes while crossing le peripherique into Aubervilliers to get to work.
Once you have purchased your MetroCard, it is polite to have it in hand before you reach the subway entrance to avoid holding up the lines.
And you might immediately conjure up an image in your head of what such a person would look like.
The only good thing about taking the train so far north was that on the way back I had my pick of seats to plop down in and then get lost in my New York Magazine all the way home. Many offices are located here in order to take advantage of the cheaper rent as compared to renting inside the city boundaries.
In addition, five retired buses manufactured from the 1950s through 1970s will run weekdays on the 42nd Street crosstown route.

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