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Broadway Junction (New York City Subway), and check out Broadway Junction (New York City Subway) on Wikipedia, Youtube, Google News, Google Books, and Twitter on Digplanet.
Broadway Junction is a New York City Subway station complex shared by the elevated BMT Canarsie Line and BMT Jamaica Line, and the underground IND Fulton Street Line. For a long time, the stations within the complex went by three different names: Eastern Parkway (BMT Jamaica Line), Broadway Junction (BMT Canarsie Line), and Broadway a€“ East New York (IND Fulton Street Line). Broadway Junction on the BMT Canarsie Line has two tracks, one island platform, and one side platform. This station opened on July 14, 1928,[14] and is one of the highest elevated platforms in the city, sitting above the already-elevated BMT Jamaica Line. Broadway Junction is an express station on the BMT Jamaica Line that has three tracks and two island platforms.
The station was originally called Broadway a€“ Eastern Parkway, named for its original exit on the extreme west end of the platforms. Broadway Junction on the IND Fulton Street Line, formerly called Broadway a€“ East New York, is a standard express station with four tracks and two island platforms.
East of the station, the tunnel widens on both sides to accommodate an additional trackway diverging from the local tracks.

A station on the Fulton Street Elevated at Sackman Street opened on July 4, 1889,[7] when the line was extended to Atlantic Avenue. Manhattan-bound trains use the island platform for northbound service while Canarsie-bound trains use the side platform for southbound service (similar to the configuration of the Bowling Green station on the IRT Lexington Avenue Line). The fare control is at the east (railroad south) end of the station; this entrance also provides the transfer to the BMT trains via newly replaced escalators from street to elevated level.
When the station was renamed in 2003, the "EAST NY" tiles on the wall were removed and replaced by tiles reading "JUNCTION", in the matching IND copperplate font. These bellmouths were built for a proposed extension along the BMT Jamaica Line, or for a proposed Jamaica Avenue Subway.[20] It was not a provision for the IND Second System, as were similar structures on other IND lines.
It is located roughly at the intersection of Broadway, Fulton Street, and Van Sinderen Avenue at the border of Bedford-Stuyvesant and East New York, Brooklyn. This end of the station slopes sharply downward, and the platform end is about 200 yards (180 m) away from the tunnel's portal. The ironwork for the old Fulton El trackways which can be seen under this portion of the complex from the platforms.
The mezzanine is above the platforms and connects to the Canarsie Line and to the exit at street level via two long escalators.

At street level, there is a transfer to the underground IND Fulton Street Line and the fare control area.
The south end of the northbound platform divides into two "legs." Two normally-unused tracks connect the Canarsie and Jamaica lines. The southbound track can be seen emerging beneath the two "legs" of the northbound platform; the northbound "flyover" with its severe curve can be seen just east of the station, beginning near the signal tower. Since 1999, this station has been undergoing a series of renovations, including new canopies, a new crossover (known as 'The Barn' because of its rustic red siding and white trim), and the removal of a hazardous crossunder. The old-style platform lights were removed and replaced with "loop" fixtures, widely seen elsewhere in the system.

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