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Early Tuesday morning, a Philadelphia-area National Weather Service meteorologist publicly apologized via Twitter for the poor forecast, saying, “You made a lot of tough decisions expecting us to get it right, and we didn't. Winds briefly exceeded hurricane force this morning on Nantucket, with thundersnow reported in Cape Cod. Eric Holthaus is a meteorologist who writes about weather and climate for Slatea€™s Future Tense.
New York Daily News Massive snow storm hits NYC, Northeast Massive snow storm hits NYC, Northeast While the snow storm in New York City did not did not turn out to be the "historic" blizzard that was anticipated, New England continues to be pelted by the storm, which is expected to bring up to 36 inches of snow.
Snow begins to pummel NYC as subway and commuter train changes announced Commuter rail lines will likely close, subways will run on a limited schedule and officials are considering implementing a road travel ban as the blizzard nears the city, Cuomo said.
Commuter rail lines in New York will likely close Monday night, subways will run on a limited schedule, and officials are considering implementing a ban on roadway travel, Gov. As snow began to blanket the tri-state area, and airlines cancelled flights by the hundreds, Cuomo and his New Jersey counterpart, Gov.
Cuomo, in a press conference that began shortly after noon, said the Long Island Rail Road and the Metro-North Railroad expect to suspend service as of 11 p.m. Cuomo said plans will be finalized after a new weather report is received, expected at 4 p.m. New Yorkers hoping to catch a flight to escape the storm may have already missed the plane. More than 1,400 flights out of or into the regiona€™s three major airports have already been canceled Monday morning, according to website FlightAware, in anticipation of a massive blizzard that could drop 2 to 3 feet of snow on the tristate area up through New England.
United Airlines, which operates a hub out of Newark, is scaling back operations beginning Monday night and will cancel all flights Tuesday -- when the brunt of the snow will hit -- at Newark, LaGuardia and JFK, as well as Boston and Philadelphia, an airline spokeswoman told the Daily News. Major airlines, including United, American, Delta and JetBlue, are waiving fees for travelers who need to adjust their plans to avoid the blizzard. The snow blast will only intensify as Monday wears on, officials say, with up to 3 inches falling during the workday before heavy snow settles in around the evening commute and overnight. The National Weather Service predicts blizzard-like conditions to whip up winds as high as 65 mph and drop as much as 30 inches of snow. Snow is expected to taper off late Tuesday night into Wednesday morning, meteorologists said. The city plans to dispatch nearly 500 salt spreaders ahead of that snowfall, according to de Blasio.
The Transportation and Sanitation Departments have also hired additional day laborers for shoveling.
As a precaution, the city Office of Emergency Management called the National Guard for support for emergency vehicles, said agency commissioner Joseph Esposito. The Parks Department also urged New Yorkers to avoid using parks until Wednesday morning to avoid falling branches and icy paths.

How bad New York could get pummeled is contingent on the storma€™s path through the Northeast. The slow-moving system is expected to produce blizzard conditions a€” at least three hours of wind gusts of 35 mph or greater and visibility of less than a quarter of a mile because of snow. But the storm could stall before it tracks out to sea, according to the National Weather Service. On Sunday, New Yorkers werena€™t taking any chances, buying shovels, salt and ice scrapers.
Sanitation Commissioner Kathryn Garcia urged drivers to stay off the roads to allow snowplows to do their job.
De Blasio suggested New Yorkers leave work as soon as possible on Monday before the snow begins to fall.
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About UsThe BUILD Blog is a discussion of modern design in the Pacific NW written by BUILD LLC, an industrious architecture company based in Seattle, Washington. In spirit of heading to Manhattan, today’s blog features some sexy diagramming, mapping and visual measures from New York City.
Both color and height indicate a different measure of foreclosures and the perspective view makes it all the more dramatic.  The sharp visual makes a complicated collection of statistics comprehensible and allows for quick visual comparisons. The diagram indicates the classification of each individual and how they died, organized as a timeline. The satellites are organized by height above the earth’s surface, color coded by type (military, communication, science) and labeled to the country of ownership. Snow totals reached three feet in Worcester County, Massachusetts, at the top end of National Weather Service forecasts. Just 8 to 12 inches fell, much less than the 20 to 30 inches the National Weather Service had been anticipating, though the Weather Channel picked up on these trends early enough to issue a nearly perfect forecast. The storm carved a new inlet at Ballston Beach in Truro, Mass., and significant coastal flooding was reported during both high tide cycles on Tuesday as blowing snow plastered the sides of beach houses. Ocean water temperatures off the East Coast were much above normal in advance of the storm, as they have been nearly all year. Is a€?Grita€? the Key to Success or an Old Idea Dressed Up to Be the Latest Self-Help Sensation? People throughout the Northeast and Midwest were feeling the chill as they braced themselves for what could be the biggest winter storm of the season.
These diagrams are stimulating and effective because every graphic move on the paper (or screen) has a meaning; the color, dimension, position, and position relative to other graphics are all important.

The choice of symbols (French fries and coffee cups) effectively adds to the visual of over-propagation. The diagram is powerful for the simple fact that each person is represented as a figure in the display. While engineering firms commonly make mappings such as this, the artistic enhancements of color and composition allow the technical data to be more interesting and comprehensible. As more snow accumulates an increasing amount of garbage trucks are converted to snow plows. The pixilated nature of the diagram lends to a tangible sense for the number of satellites in space. That helped to boost the amount of moisture available within the storm via enhanced evaporation. The use of ordinary objects, like the clock, make the diagram more tangible and easier on the eyes. This book is filled with great diagrams explaining everything from stoplight calibration for ideal traffic patterns to the city’s storm sewer overflow tactics to the garbage removal sequence. Counting this week’s blizzard, five of the ten biggest snowstorms in city history have all occurred since 1997. Andrew Cuomo to shut schools and freeze regional transportation, de Blasio added, “Prepare for the worst. Once again representing each individual with an object, or dot in this case, creates a population and drives the idea home more powerfully. There’s 100 percent certainty, in my view, that sea level rise is making the impact of extreme coastal storms like this one worse.
And Cuomo said he is considering banning all vehicular travel except for emergency responders after 11 p.m. As of 11pm on Monday, New York City's roads were closed to non-emergency traffic and the subway system was shut down. A blizzard that could be worse than any snowfall the city since 2011 is threatening the city, with up to 3 feet expected between Monday and early Wednesday. That storm led to the closing of New York City public schools and non-emergency city government offices.

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