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Take the free shuttle from the airport to the BWI Rail Station (410-672-6169), where you can take Amtrak trains to Union Station (which connects to the Metro system) in DC.
Shanti Home is located near the International Airport of New Delhi and the closest Metro Station is just 300 meters away. Having found those companies and experiences you like the look of, add them to your Trip Planner to easily find them later. Reward your favourite companies with a 'fave' to show them some love and help others discover them.
Get personalized recommendations with a bit of wizardry that combines the knowledge of our local experts with your 'saved' and 'faved' choices. Don't miss out on any special offers, events or latest news with a personalized what's new tool for your 'saved' and 'faved' choices. Are taxis expensive in Seoul?Taking a taxi in Seoul is very affordable compared to most other big cities, say for example London and Tokyo, they are plentiful, clean and safe. Besides the T-Money card, there are two other types of transportation cards available in Seoul.
From 395, take the 14th Street Bridge across the Potomac River and onto Route 1 (14th Street).
From Union Station, a cab will cost approximately $8-11 for a single person, or follow the Metro directions above. If you don't want to get stuck in traffic, traveling underground in Seoul is inexpensive and easy. It is a rechargeable card you can use for paying for transportation fares in and around Seoul.

Seoul Citypass: This pass allows visitors to use the metropolitan subway lines and seoul city buses up to 20 times per day. Seoul Citypass Plus: This card combines T-Money and a discount service for designated performances, exhibitions, tourist attractions and restaurants. If you don't speak Korean however, knowing what bus number to take, which direction and where to get off is essential. You could also walk about three blocks south on 1st Street to Union Station and take the Metro from there. You can take the bus ($8 one-way or $14 round-trip) to the West Falls Church Metro Station on the Orange Line.
Black limousine taxis which cost more and the rest, which operate under standard rates, these are white and orange colored. In addition, visitors may also use the Seoul City Tour Bus, which runs through the downtown area without any restriction. Most buses don't have signs in English, however, some major busstops show the main stops in English (usually a subway station)  If you insist on trying out the bus while in Seoul, you may want to use google maps, this will give you a number of transit directions, incuding buses. Approximately 1 mile after you pass the zoo on your left and pass over a bridge, Connecticut Ave.
There are roughly 2 minutes between every subway stop, so it is easy to calculate your traveling time. The going rate is about KRW1000 per kilometer for normal taxis and double for black limousine taxis.If you're not sure where exactly you're going or if you're lost using google maps, don't be afraid to take a taxi. Transfer to the Red Line in the direction of Shady Grove for 3 stops to the Dupont Circle Station.

You can show the taxi driver a specific address and he will be able to plot it into the GPS. That means you would want to avoid the the subway between 7-8 AM and 6-7 PM.The subway is clean, safe and worth a try at least once while you are here.
The next intersection will be Q Street, turn left on Q Street and go one and a half blocks to New Hampshire Avenue. Some subway stations also function as underground shopping malls and many of them are uniquely designed because of their affinity with the area.Seoul subway has nine routes from Line 1 to line 9.
Sometimes it is faster and easier depending on how far it is to the nearest subway station.
If you get stuck in a traffic jam, you can always ask the driver to take you to the nearest subway station headed towards your destination. From West Falls Church, take the Orange Line Metro in the direction of New Carrollton to the Metro Center Station. Visit the Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority website for more details about the Washington Flyer and other methods of transportation.

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