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We all know about the game which is one of the super hit in Android Market; One and only Subway Surfers. It’s easy to run from him because he can’t run faster than you but the problem is that you have to run in Subway so you will find many hurdles where you have to dash as fast as you can. That’s not it; this game is more fun because you have some real amazing boards and characters. Now if there are some Android fans we suggest them these links to get the right recipe for their Android devices. 1- You will have Unlimited keys to save your life even your character crashes again and again. 7- The best feature of Double Coins will be also Available, so you pick one coin and the game will count it two.
2- The file is uploaded ages ago, So don’t worry it works with All Subway Surfers versions.

4- Close all runing applications, specially Subway Surfer game if it is running on your phone by selecting it in Multitasking. 9- Replace all the files in Document folder with the files you just Downloaded and Extracted to the New Folder. I know that’s really cool to play this game but what happen if you lost your coins or you don’t have enough keys? All you have to do is follow these steps and you will get your game hacked and all above features will be made available. If you find any problem feel free to comment below and we will respond as soon as possible.
Temple Run was the most famous game in the past but this game beat the record of Temple Run and takes over its seat.
The basic theme behind this game is that a fat inspector with his sharp dog is going to arrest you because you are a naughty little child.

First good point is that this game is just so addicting that you can’t stop playing with some good graphics. Luckily some good hackers made a mod of Subway Surfers which means you can get unlimited keys and coins.
Subway Surfers is so entertaining because after some days they launch its new updated version with updated tasks and new location.

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