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Because Life-Like is currently the only model railroad company out there that makes HO train sets like the ones commonly found from them, Bachmann, Tyco and others during the 1970s to the 1990s, I thought I would do a rundown of sorts on what their current offerings are. Replace the existing Union Pacific locomotive, caboose and rolling stock in the above set with a six-unit "patriotic"-themed train hauled by an F7 locomotive, and you've got Salute to America! This train set I got for Christmas 2010 from my old man when I decided to give my model railroad layout an overhaul then.
When I got this, I also got a new grass mat to set it up on the 4x8 sheet of plywood, and additional track sections for making sidings and stuff. This has been available since the late 1990s and hasn't changed, except for the packaging style. Seeing what Life-Like has to offer, it does kinda seem like not much has changed with how Life-Like makes train sets since the 1980s!
I am both a (currently) budgeted model railroader, and that I also enjoy classic HO-scale train stuff (especially from Life-Like, Atlas, Tyco and Bachmann.) So I thought that for my basement model train layout I can use a lot of that stuff, yet still continuously update it for the new millenium.
Because I will keep continuously adding onto the layout, currently not many things are permanently attached, except for some pieces of lichen. Until I upgrade to DCC, I could even try the old method of operating two trains using two power packs and some plastic insulating joiners. My Tyco Chattanooga came with the expanded set, and had the risers, but the tender drive just could not pull its train up and over. The entire track layout is now made up of Atlas True-Track, except for the operating railroad crossing accessories. At this rate, with the way it's coming along, I may have to write an article somewhere about doing the Tyco Layout Expander System plan using Atlas True-Track!

It's actually a re-tooled version of a conventional track set Life-Like offered in the 1990s.
I still have the locomotive and the included freight cars, but now most of them use knuckle couplers!
This has a very vintage Tyco-like track arrangement (in Power-Loc, though) with manual switches. It also includes the elevated commuter station building kit, the Woodlawn Police Station and Hampden Fire Station building kits, autos, street signs and utility poles. So far, I have my trains running on Atlas Code-83 True-Track (I'm not going to bother with Bachmann's E-Z track or Life-Like's Power-Loc track for the layout anymore, and I'm staying away from any of those other companies' brass and steel track sections), which I think turns out to be the most realistic roadbed track I've ever seen. I currently have the tracks set up ala the track plan designed for the Tyco Track Layout Expander Set. I plan to decorate a few of the cows and pics, and paint a few more of the included figures.
I recently replaced the rusted old steel rails with new nickel-silver rails, and it really made a difference. I also installed fences around the Vollmer and Bachmann houses, due to them being next to tracks. The lights do not flash, but merely stay on steady, and it doesn't only come on when the train passes. Life-Like recently started putting cowcatchers on their 0-4-0 steam locomotives that use tender cars. One section has the entire grade glued onto the ties; the other has it only glued on one section due to the crossing being on two sections.

True-Track has a different roadbed lock thingy than E-Z Track, plus True-Track is Code-83 while E-Z Track is Code-100. These are kind of meant to be played with on a floor or something, hence the Power-Loc track, but the higher-end ones seem more like they are designed for use on plywood or something! The circle of conventional track was replaced with a 47x38" oval of Power-Loc track, and the F40PH locomotive and caboose changed from Union Pacific to Santa Fe. I'm actually thinking of getting this near the holidays to run on my layout for the Christmas 2013 season (sans the Power-Loc track, of course ). I also still have the stock pen, railroad crossing and station building kit on the layout as well. It also includes the log dump, trackside shanty building kits, signal bridge, signs and utility poles, even a tunnel (this is assembled using Life-Like's mountain paper crumpled into the mountain-like terrain and then glued or stapled onto the included cardboard tunnel supports.
It also includes the log dump, railroad crossing, trackside shanty building kits, autos, figures, trees, mountain paper tunnel, signs and utility poles.
This actually makes a good starter set for those who want to install it on plywood right away with a grass mat or something!

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