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I remember when the Little Man was around 6 months old, I began to discover this whole new city I’d never known as a DINK (duel income no kids).
Last weekend, we experienced one of these unique opportunities thanks to The Nerd’s Wife¬†when Thomas the Tank Engine came to town. For two weekends, once a year, Thomas the Tank Engine will roll into town and attach himself to the Grapevine Vintage Railroad. I have to admit, my favorite part of this experience was that I was able to turn it into a Mommy & Son Day with the Little Man.
This was the one bad thing about being solo with a toddler is that we had to miss out on some of these opportunities. I think the highlight for me was when I became a cool mom after deciding to go and track Thomas down. I was only guessing, and hoping, that Thomas would drive by soon and wasn’t on his thirty minute interval.

Out from behind some trees, the Little Man and I watched as Thomas came rolling down the tracks; complete with steam and a whistle.
These are the moments when I feel so blessed to live in a city where he can have these awesome opportunities to let his imagination come to life!
Some might claim that Dallas has no culture or unique qualities, but having lived here almost all my life, I completely disagree. We went from enjoying meals as a couple in Uptown to spending days at the Children’s Museum in Fair Park. For 30 minutes, we took a ride on Thomas while we listened to music from Thomas & Friends, sang, and danced. They had clowns and bubbles, a room with toy trains to play with, and a story time read in the train station.
I realized after one scare that he wasn’t going to let us stand in line to take a professional photo with Thomas or Sir Topham Hatt.

I realized that although we were riding on Thomas in theory, there wasn’t any way to tell that Thomas as actually driving.
I love Baby Z to death, but a part of me still misses the one on one time I used to have with the Little Man. We also barely made it out of the gift shop without a tantrum, but thanks to an overpriced Pez dispenser we were entertained all the way back to the car! So, after we loaded up into our car, I followed the railroad tracks through neighborhoods, and parked.

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