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Le locomotive motorizzate TrackMaster™ da Fisher-Price sono state rivisitate per farti vivere avventure sull'Isola di Sodor come non ne hai mai viste prima!
Salty, the Dockside Diesel, is a hard working engine who loves to tell tales of his life by the sea. Salty differs slightly from a real BR Class 07: real Class 07s have a crankshaft at the end of their siderods.
He will occasionally work in the quarry and other areas on the island, but is happiest down by the docks.

The number he has, 2991, is a real BR number belonging to a member of the class; this locomotive escaped the cutter's torch by becoming a static generator at Eastleigh Railway Works and is still working there, now under the ownership of Knights Rail Services as of March 2007.
Salty is a little rough around the edges but has a great big heart and will always rush to the aid of any engine, be it Steamie or fellow Diesel. His seafaring ways and accent are sometimes ridiculed by the other engines, but his usefulness almost always helps the others overlook that. This class of locomotive worked at Southampton docks, where they replaced the older Southern Railway USA Tanks (Rosie's class).

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