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Salty worked on an unnamed coastal railway for many years, where he acquired his vast collection of stories and songs and possibly his sailor's accent, before coming to Sodor to work at the Centre Island Quarry with Mavis, Bill, and Ben.
In the seventh season, he and Fergus saved a ship from crashing into the rocks, when the lighthouse lamp went out. Salty has shared many stories with his fellow engines that have often come into play later on. In the ninth season, he accidentally ran over a flagpole that Henry was meant to deliver to the Scottish Castle. He also told a story about a treasure on Sodor and Thomas followed all of Salty's clues and eventually found the treasure, just as the new Maritime Museum opened.
He later introduced Thomas to Billy, was one of the first engines to meet Stanley, looked at the docks for Thomas when he was missing, cheered at the docks when Thomas was found, and tried to take some woodsmen into the forest, but was blocked by trucks. Salty later told the engines about the "strange engines" (Bash, Dash, and Ferdinand) that lived on Misty Island, a mysterious island not far from Sodor. In the sixteenth season, he told Percy about the "Monster of Brendam" and Edward tried to find him a present. In the eighteenth season, he told the engines about the flatbeds of fear, encouraged Percy when Percy was missing Gator, along with Porter almost had a collision with Bill and Ben and also helped Timothy to play a trick on the twins.
In the nineteenth season, he pretended to be the Ghost of Christmas Past to frighten Diesel, and reminded him of his past mistakes.
In "Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure" he told Edward, Henry, James, Cranky and Porter about a "lost pirate".
Salty is painted crimson with pink warning stripes along his body, wasp stripes on his front and rear and yellow buffer beams with signs of rust. In Salty's Surprise, it is revealed that, due to a shortage of red paint, he was once painted green.

Season 19 - Who's Geoffrey?, The Truth About Toby, A Cranky Christmas, Toad and the Whale, Diesel's Ghostly Christmas, Salty All at Sea, No Help At All, Reds vs.
2004 - Salty by the Sea, It's Only Snow!, Name Fame (does not speak), On the Beach, Ship Ahoy!, Dockers' Dinner, Snake's Alive!
Salty also appeared in the magazine stories, Diesel Display, Diesels with Measles!, Fish and Fog!, Glider Rider, Gone Fishing, Hooked Hat, Sea-Bound Salty, Seeing Sails, and So Many Stories. Salty appeared in The Great Discovery and Misty Island Rescue, despite his basis not being built until after both specials are meant to have taken place. A production-made face of Salty is preserved by the Coffey Man Preservation from the Prop Gallery.
Salty was upset, being used to working near the sea, but he soon won the trucks over with his tales and sea shanties, and as a reward for his hard work was sent to work at Brendam Docks. He told Percy that the carpet he was delivering might be magic, and odd happenings convinced Percy and Gordon that it was. Later, Salty started experiencing engine trouble, but refused to go to the Dieselworks, as he was worried that the Fat Controller might send him back to the quarry if he was not useful. Salty later had to go to the Mainland as they were short of an engine, but he was afraid to go on a ship and travel by sea. The number he has, 2991, is a real BR number belonging to a member of the class; built in 1962, this locomotive escaped the cutter's torch by becoming a static generator at Eastleigh Railway Works and is still working there under the ownership of Knights Rail Services as of March 2007. HE CAME TO SODOR IN MAY 1915 AS A STATION PILOT AT VICARSTOWN UNTIL 1946, AT WHICH TIME HE WAS TRANSFERRED TO WELLSWORTH FOLLOWING AN INCIDENT WITH SOME TRUCKS. However, he overcame his fears thanks to Thomas, who reminded him of his past tall tales which scared the other engines.

His seafaring ways and accent are sometimes ridiculed by the other engines, but his usefulness almost always helps the others overlook that.
This class of locomotive worked at Southampton docks, where they replaced the older Southern Railway USA Tanks (Rosie's class). LATER THAT YEAR, AFTER RESCUING JAMES AFTER HIS CRASH, HE WAS GIVEN CHARGE OF THE KNAPFORD-FFARQUHAR BRANCH LINE AND TWO COACHES WHOM HE NAMED ANNIE AND CLARABEL. Salty went to the Dieselworks, but ended up crashing into a flatbed of fuel cans in his hurry to return to the Docks. He can work with trucks like no other engine; this is due to his enjoyment of working to a musical rhythm like the trucks and it may also be due to his vast collection of sea shanties. HE USES THE MAGNET IN HIS CRANE TO PICK UP THE SCRAP METAL CARGO AND DEPOSITS IT INTO PERCY'S CARGO CAR. The fuel made his wheels slip, and he ended up colliding with a shipment of party decorations! He loves the sea so much that he pines for it when he is away from it for long periods of time.
PERCY DELIVERS IT TO TWO EXCITING DESTINATIONS - THE PROCESSOR WHICH MELTS AND RECYCLES IT AND THE COMPACTOR THAT CRUSHES AND FLATTENS IT! Salty was now certain that he would be sent away, but, to his relief, the Fat Controller told him that he was meant to work with Porter, who had been sent to help him.

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