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Tomorrow ? Saturday August 15 ? will mark the opening of Thomas Land: an amusement park inspired by the adventures of Thomas the Tank Engine. The Thomas Land business model has already proven not only successful but also universal; parks have already opened in The United Kingdom and Japan, and annually attract crowds numbering in the millions.
It?s a testament to the lasting iconography of Thomas the Tank Engine; people across all cultures can identify his face as easily as they would Batman?s logo or Indiana Jones? theme song.
Amusement parks have become big business for major children?s properties, from LEGOLAND to the Warner Bros.
The first American theme park devoted to Thomas the Tank Engine and his locomotive friends opened Saturday in Massachusetts, promising to be a popular attraction with the preschool set. The $25 million theme park is situated on 11 acres within Edaville USA, an amusement park and railroad in Carver, Massachusetts.
It’s the biggest Thomas Land in the world, joining similar attractions in the United Kingdom and Japan, according to park operators. I took my 2 year old son on another trip to see Thomas the Tank engine at Thomas Land, Drayton Manor Park during the opening weekend for the start of the theme park season. As it was just me and my toddler son (Oliver) it would have been much cheaper to have gone during mid-week, but I was specifically looking for a day out at the weekend. We visited all the usual attractions in the Thomasland area: Thomas the Tank Engine, Rosie, Harold the helicopter, Jeremy jet plane, the Diesels, the Sodor vintage cars, Crazy Bertie Bus and Lady and the circus train.
This could have been enough to fill a full day on its own, but being early in the season and arriving early meant that the queues were short and we had time to go on a few more rides. Avoiding the usual fast food places we went to the self-service restaurant at the top end of the park.
We then went on the Polperro Express Train, followed by a ride on the Pirate Adventure boat ride. Finally we had one last visit to Thomasland for a second go on the Crazy Bertie Bus before we went home.

All reviews and opinions are those of the author.They do not reflect the opinion of any companies or organisations that the author may be associated with. Thomas Land is scheduled to open to the public Saturday on 11 acres of the Edaville USA Railroad in Carver. The United Kingdom and Japan have Thomas Lands, and they draw millions of visitors per year.
Edaville USA is an active 250-acre cranberry farm long famous in the region for its annual Cranberry Festival and Christmastime Festival of Lights. Already a common sight on TV, books and toys, it looks as though children will soon have a far more hands on experience with him.
Located on the Edaville USA Railroad in Carver, Massachusetts, the park aims to appeal to the imaginative spirit of those who both will and did grow up with the iconic train. Although not the first, the Massachusetts Park is by far the largest, taking up 11.5 acres. Not limited to young audiences, he has been featured in television shows such as Robot Chicken, and even made a memorable appearance in the recent marvel hit Ant-Man. It’s not been long since we last there as we went to the Christmas Magic at Thomasland during the Christmas holidays.
To their credit the staff member on the ticket booth did suggest that it would be cheaper to go mid-week if we went again with a toddler. We had a great time on these alone and my son really enjoyed seeing the characters out of the TV programme.
With no-one else to look after my son I didn’t get to go on any of my favourites (ShockWave, G-Force, Maelstrom or Apocalypse), but there were lots of other rides that we could enjoy together. I’d been on this ride before, but had forgotten how gruesome some of the animated figures are.
Unfortunately we didn’t get time to visit the zoo this time, so that will have to go on our to-do list for our next visit.

In the past we have spent more time at Thomasland, but there are lots more rides in the rest of the park and it meant that I got to enjoy a few rides as well. Aside from just the titular Tank Engine, Thomas Land features numerous familiar locations such as Tidmouth Sheds, and 11 rides inspired by classic Thomas the Tank Engine characters like Cranky the Crane and Harold the Helicopter. At Christmas the rest of the Theme Park is closed with only Thomasland and a couple of other rides running. I was hoping to get a photo from the ride camera, but the boat turned to face the wrong direction. Exhausted from a busy day it didn’t take long for Oliver to fall asleep in the car on the way home. This time the full park was open so we tried to make the most of the entire park and not just Thomasland. The Thomas Experience was closed – which normally shows the original set from the TV series (static display) see the photo gallery from our Christmas visit to get a glimpse of the Thomas the Tank Engine Exhibition. My son didn’t wear the 3D glasses, so most of the scenes will have looked a bit blurry for him, but we both enjoyed the film. The television series debuted in the UK in 1984 and has been carried by PBS affiliates in the United States since 1989.
I wasn’t too sure whether he would like it as it is quite a fast ride, but I took him on after seeing other young children going on.
The troublesome trucks roller coaster in Thomasland has a minimum height requirement of 0.9m, so if your child is too small for that ride then you can use the buffalo coaster as an alternative.

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