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Now those two worlds are finally together in an amazing YouTube trend of uploading mashups between the "Thomas & Friends" theme song with various rap hits. NOTE: Everyone appears to be using the uncensored versions of these songs so yes, there is profanity in each of the videos. Coloring Kids - Princess Coloring Pages, Disney Coloring Pages, Cars Coloring Pages, Halloween Coloring Pages, Christmas Coloring PagesDisclaimer: All characters coloring pages are copyright and trademark of the respective owners.
Despite his gentleness, Neville has acted a bit cheeky and once laughed at Emily for working with Whiff.
Sometime later, Neville told Thomas and Percy about the job of collecting the Sodor Brass Band. Neville is a steam engine, whose square body may cause others to look at him as having diesel-like qualities. According to Jamie Thomason, he describes Neville as being similar to Thomas, as he wants to be really useful. In some descriptions of Thomas and the New Engine, Neville is described as actually being a diesel. In the Story Library book, magazine stories and merchandise lines, bar his TrackMaster model, Neville is incorrectly depicted with spoked driving wheels.

It is implied that the Red Engine, along with the four other engines, liked to bully and tease Edward due to him being smaller and weaker then them. The character was created by Wilbert Awdry, but was never featured in any other stories for unknown reasons. He seems to be of a helpful persona, as he tried to push Henry from the tunnel without any fuss.
He is based on the L&YR Class 25 with an added pony truck and a Fowler tender, very much like James. His role in The Sad Story of Henry was replaced by Thomas when the story was adapted into the television series. Our minds are truly blown at how well the honky tonk tune holds up with each of these songs, and at how much time we're spending listening to the Thomas the Tank Engine theme song.
Click the thumbnail pictures below to see the full sized printable picture, then print them out and fill the black and white images with any colors you like! Although he was kind and friendly, Neville had the misfortune of looking to be friends with the diesels. Upon his arrival, after being seen with 'Arry and Bert, who were actually teasing him, Neville was the topic of a rumour regarding him being friends with the diesels and being horrid to steam engines, despite his jolly greetings to the engines.

However, children wrote to the Reverend asking why James was red before he got painted in the third book.
Thomas saw him with 'Arry and Bert and thought that he was friends with them, which caused a rumour to spread that he was planning to bump the steam engines. Luckily, the rumours were quickly seen for what they were and Neville's true personality was allowed to shine through.
Unlike his prototype, however, Neville is missing the crankshaft that connects to the front of his siderods. Go search our collection or take a look at our random and recent coloring pages or simply browse our coloring pages collection using our gallery below.
Luckily, the rumour was rectified and Thomas befriended Neville after rescuing him from a broken viaduct.
Neville never holds a grudge, but can be easily hurt by unkind comments or not being accepted by others who judge him only by his appearance.

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