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Bought this thinking it would last several years for the kids to use as a paddling pool in the garden. My parents have a decent sized garden, and they wanted to get something for my son to play in when he goes round there. As you all probably know by now I am absolutely Thomas the Tank mad FOR my twin boys so when I seen this advertised on the Early Learning Centre website how could I resist?
Thomas the Tank Engine Inflatable Train Ball Pit and Paddling PoolThomas the Tank Engine Official Inflatable Train Ball Pit & Paddling Pool. Use our comparison to find multiple deals for Thomas the Tank Engine Inflatable Train Ball Pit and Paddling Pool. After he gets lost in the mountains in an attempt to help prepare for the annual town holiday celebration, Thomas uncovers the lost village of Great Waterton.
Part of the Take Along Thomas range, collect 3 of your favourite characters from Thomas the Tank Engine with this gift set of 3 trains all with metallic paint finish.
There’s lots for Thomas & Percy to do on this Hornby electric toy train set, with Annie & Clarabel & three train trucks to chug around the large loop of track!
Thomas & Friends wooden Henry is a long, fast, wooden engine with a streamlined look, which tends to make him somewhat high-strung & prone to illness. Thomas & Friends wooden Gordon train is the oldest, strongest & fastest of Sir Topham Hatt's engines. The Thomas the Tank Engine 9 Piece Train Track includes 5 straight pieces & 4 curved pieces.
Use our comparison to find multiple deals for Thomas the Tank Engine Inflatable Paddling and Ball Pool. Learn to skate with these adjustable Thomas the Tank Engine quad roller skates with child friendly knee & elbow pads! Thomas the Tank Engine Flip Out Sofa & Sofa Bed - create a real taste of luxury!Part of the Ready Room Collection. Its a great design and kids love Thomas so it wasn't hard for them to start enjoying using it.Within a few days however we noticed a slow puncture on the rear inflatable panel.
They figured this would be a good idea, as he was into Thomas the Tank Engine at the time, and we agreed.
She is obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine and when we saw this in Argos we thought that she would just love it. It didn't cross my mind at the time that I probably would have no room for it or it would be a five minute wonder. If you are looking for the Best prices or just to save money in the UK then you've hit the right Uk offer and compare place.

When Thomas discovers the long-lost town of Great Waterton The Fat Controller declares that the newly discovered town will be restored to mark Sodor Day.
The most mischievous characters of the whole Thomas the Tank Engine railway family, Bill & Ben drive the senior engines to distraction! It didn't present too much of an issue at first as we just re-inflated it the next time it was used.The followiing summer we took it out of its box and have found that three more sections have failed and have punctures. Well over a year later, we're still using it, and it's still going strong.The main idea of this is to be used as a mini paddling pool, but with a bit of a character appeal to it.
We decided that it would be nice to have it blown up in the toy room for her to see when she got up on her birthday morning.
It's designed to feel like Thomas the Tank Engine, with the pool itself being the engine, and Thomas' face on the front. It says its a paddling pool, which yes it can be used as a paddling pool but as my boys birthday is in November I thought it best to use it as a ball pool.
We spent the best part of 30 with the electric pump.We only wanted to use it as a ball pool to start with as it was to cold to use it outside.
Which of course resulted in my paying more money to provide some fun to this as I had to buy balls. Doing it by blowing will take you an absolute age, trust me, we tried, before my dad adjourned to his garage and hunted around for the pump.
Once you use this, it's done in no time at all, and can then be deflated and reinflated as you see fit.
Mum and dad kept it up for most of the Autumn, but then deflated it and kept it in their house for the winter. 3 Bags I've bought and you can still see the bottom of the pool!It's not too easy to blow up either, I seriously advise against trying to blow it up by mouth and buying a cheap foot pump.
It's back up again now!We have yet to fill it water and use it like that, but although that's it's primary aim, it does also suggest filling it with balls.
My other half and I tested (to make sure it was okay) and it really brought back memories of childhood.When my daughter first caught sight of it she was she screamed with sheer delight.
That's what I did which was so much easier as your brain doesn't feel as if it's about to explode and it's alot quicker. I say cheap, but it was still extra money I had to spend, although I did only pay ?5 for a small foot pump.Each side of the pool as it's own hole to pump it up. We went and bought some of these, and spend most of the time either throwing them at each other, or trying to aim into the Paddling Pool to hit someone by bouncing it off a wall.Our son, Will, absolutely adores this, and at around the ?30 mark, which it was at the time, this is an investment that's well worth it.
It's about 5 feet in length, around 3 in width, and is an enjoyable investment that my mum and dad made.

My daughter couldnt manage to climb over the side as it is quite high but my older children (3 & 4 years old at the time) managed to climb over it no problem. It would have been nice if this inflated to a certain extent , to provide protection on the bottom as well, but I understand the practicalities of kids and water putting pressure on air inflated platforms and how it could all end in tears.I highly recommend this. The canopy is a great feature especially in the summer you can move the pool round depending on where the sun is to protect them. As I've said it is quite a big pool, and at my boys small tea party there were 6 kids sitting and playing in it comfortably with room to spare.I love the pool as it did provide alot of fun, and still does, it has helped my boys learn to climb and just play silly for a bit, throwing themselves around the pool and just enjoying such a spacious and large toy which isn't your everyday thing. We have had 6 toddlers in it and there was still plenty of room for them to enjoy themselves. Once out of its box, which it comes flatpacked in it's very hard to fold it up as neat as what it was to store back in.
Value for money isn't something you often get with branded products, but with paddling pools varying quite a lot in terms of price, it's good to something that is a branded object as well as being interesting and interactive as opposed to dull and boring, and at a decent price, too. We have used this loads and never had a puncture yet (touch wood) but if you did get a puncture it would be quite easy to locate as there are lots of different chambers and it also comes with a puncture repair kit. I think we have never had one as the material is highly durable and we try to avoid letting anyone play in it with belts or zips or shoes on. They havn't used it in the summer yet as an actual pool but I'm sure they will love it just as much. It wasn't played with roughly at all, and none of the kids had shoes on but the tiniest hole was formed on the 1 side which I have had to keep taping up to prevent the air from coming out.I reccomend this pool if you are looking to do a pool party maybe for children, it is suitable for children from aged 2-8 it says on the ELC website, but my boys were just 1 when they had it and they loved it. The balls however take up a lot of space and I am glad that we have the garage to store them in. The only way I would see it as a danger is if it was to deflate and collapse, but it does take a good few hours to deflate so you would notice it to be able to prevent such a danger.
I loved this and an so glad that we bought this but at ?30 it isnt cheap but it makes up for it in quality. I only reccomend it if you have somewhere to store it such as a shed or garage as it's not the usual 'house toy'.
It does definitely provide alot of fun and excitement and it's one of them things which can keep a group of children entertained. If you maybe havn't got the room to store it I would suggest searching for a smaller pool which is a bit more practical.

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    Almost always a better alternative to the traditional HO 4X8 track.
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