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After he gets lost in the mountains in an attempt to help prepare for the annual town holiday celebration, Thomas uncovers the lost village of Great Waterton. Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends Billy is a small orange tank engine with noticeably buck teeth! Thomas & Friends wooden Fergus is a hard working traction engine who shunts trucks at the Cement Works. Thomas & Friends wooden Donald is a hard working Scottish engine, who doesn't like it when it snows in Sodor - it means he has to plow the snow & he's not very good at it!
Thomas & Friends wooden Duck engine is a cheerful, busy tank engine who stands for no nonsense whatsoever from larger engines who try to order him about. Thomas & Friends wooden Spencer engine is just about the shiniest, sleekest train engine the Island of Sodor has ever seen. Thomas & Friends wooden Lady engine is a very special golden engine who holds the secret to The Magic Railroad.

Thomas & Friends wooden Rosie is a feisty, fun & very free spirited tomboy tank engine who idolizes Thomas, copying his every action & mood.
Thomas & Friends wooden Dennis is a lazy diesel who will do anything to get out of work & finds every opportunity to create an excuse & avoid a decent day's work!
Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends Madge is a snub-nosed truck with a three-wheeled cab & a flatbed.
Thomas & Friends wooden Percy engine is a junior member of the main team of engines & is a happy little chap puffing around the yard.
If you are looking for the Best prices or just to save money in the UK then you've hit the right Uk offer and compare place. When Thomas discovers the long-lost town of Great Waterton The Fat Controller declares that the newly discovered town will be restored to mark Sodor Day.
When an engine enters the wash 'water' & brushes can been seen working through the windows! The train includes exclusive decorations & a birthday box car, Includes sticker sheets & numbers to personalise the box car.

He is boisterous, bubbly & bursting with enthusiasm, but he's not good at waiting for instructions.
A striking silver express engine, Spencer was bought to the Island as the private engine of the visting Duke & Duchess. With her use of the magic gold dust, she was able to travel to the Island of Sodor & help Thomas defeat Diesel 10. Hank is an All American Wooden Steam Engine & proves himself, time & again, to be a very useful engine.Hank is a unique looking engine.

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