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Whether youa€™re looking for Thomas the Train birthday party games or just general train party games these non competitive games are perfect for toddlers and preschoolers (ages 2-6). This game is played just like the traditional a€?Simon Saysa€? but instead of Simon you say a€?the conductor saysa€?. Create train tracks on the floor all through your playing area with easy to remove masking tape or painters tape.
What I love about this piA±ata is that it doubles as a party decoration, and then later it is perfect for hanging up in the childa€™s room. If you'd like to be notified when this item becomes available, enter your information below and click "Notify Me". We will notify you when the item is back in stock and you will recieve a discount card for an extra 10% off your next purchase! Have the children lone up on the tracks like a train and chuga chuga down the tracks until they arrive to the final destination.
Divide the players in half and assign one half to be the a€?locomotivesa€? and the other half to be the a€?Caboosea€™sa€?. No need to smash this adorable Thomas the train to bits with a bat, ita€™s a pull string piA±ata!

Join 36 of your favorite characters from Thomas & Friends in this colorful and exciting Station Stop Matching game. Fold the top and bottom inside so that it creates an open ended box in which the children can step into and hold the box around their waist. Hide the trains all over your playing area and have the children look to find them and line them up in the right order (locomotive first, caboose on the end). Children take turn pulling ribbons until finally the correct one is pulled and releases a trap door in which all the candy falls out from. Preschoolers match identical character cards to their lotto-style game board, while more advanced players have the option of playing Memory and What's Missing. The conductor gives instructions such as a€?touch your nosea€?, a€?spin around in a circlea€?, and a€?reach for the skya€?. On the start of go the caboose must chase after his or her locomotive and try to attach by holding onto their shoulders (or waist). This I believe is a great alternative to the pinataa€™s that must be busted with a stick or bat, Ia€™ve heard so many horror stories about these. To make it easier you can even Pre-cut train wheels, Thomas faces, windows, numbers, and other items.

If the conductor starts these statements with a€?the conductor saysa€? the players have to do it, but if he doesna€™t begin with the conductor says then they dona€™t do the action.In a typical game if a child messes up they are out for that round, but you dona€™t have to play elimination.
Just pay attention and after a few minutes pick the child who you think has been the best listener in the game to be the next conductor. Every few minutes blow the whistle and have the cabooses become the locomotives and vise versa. Let all the projects dry and at the end of the party have all the children get into their train box and join together to form a train.
You can then chug along together through the house, around the yard, or (if youa€™re on the brave side) around the neighborhood.

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