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Also available for sale seperate is Misty Island and three other small Thomas the train plastic sets.
At Totally Thomas Town we have lots of Trackmaster, Take n Play and Wooden Stations, Trains and Track!
At Totally Thomas Town we have a wide selection of trackmaster, wooden and take n play trains, stations and track. Help your future engineer's imagination jump into overdrive with this mountain train table set from KidKraft. About This Train Table   The colorful base map with water, grass, and existing roads makes kids think creatively about where to place the wooden tracks. With a 120-piece accessory set that includes everything from wooden people to an airport, your children will have no trouble using their imaginations to create a mountain town built around the wooden tracks and trains they already have.

The ability to build their own roads with a mountain, tunnel, and bridge obstacles further encourages original ideas.
Three plastic storage bins hang under the table to hold extra accessories and track pieces when they aren't being used. In order to bring Thomas into their own house, look for a Thomas the train table for your children to play with for hours.
The Thomas train table set features build-your-own tracks and trains for little conductors to play with.
Your little one can create his or her own layouts on the Thomas the train play table or build over the already-existing layouts.
The grass and water provide a landscape perfect for your little one to create a new home for Thomas and Percy.

Alternatively, you can look through the large inventory on eBay to find just the tracks so your youngster can use his or her imagination to create the perfect track.
The Thomas train table sets come with built in drawers to store the tracks and the trains when they are not being used. Easy to assemble, Thomas the train wooden tables are large enough for your kids to play with and walk around without taking up half your living room.

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