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Growing up I was always a huge $g(Lego) fan, in fact, last year my Dad sent my rather sizable box of Lego’s to pass it on to my children (when they reach an appropriate age). Ever since I’ve spend hours staying up late at night designing new track layouts for them to play with. It was my daughter who became interested in Thomas the Train well over a year ago and that passion is still there today. I’ll admit I never thought about the fun I myself would have with Thomas the Train but my kids reaction the morning after building them a new track sort of brings back that feeling of anticipating Christmas morning when I was a kid. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. A derailed Frostini's Ice-cream Cars (Chuggington toy train with cargo) also appears in the middle of the knock-off impostor play-set demo as a simple symbolic representation of the damage that fake knock off toys are doing to the global toy industry. It is a wonder how Knock-off toys manage to survive so long when similarities in design become as blatantly obvious as a circus trying to hide up a palm tree! But I digress slightly, we all want the real-deal not some bodge dodge black-market product made in the wrong-doing back streets of who knows where! If you ever find that you've bought some cheap knockoff product, you can always try returning it to the store where you bought it from and see if you can get your money back. The very reputable Tomy Tomica toys are a fine example of quality licensed toy railways and train sets for children, with Jlouvier and other reputable toy channels doing some really great reviews on these!
SOMETHING TO REMEMBER: Sure knock-offs have likely been around for a very long time, but they will only be around for as long as we are willingly buying them (unknowingly or not)!!!!
Thomas and Friends Arched Stone Bridge Rail + Wooden Thomas Tank Engine & Edward Train Toy Review!
Forest Rail Playset VS Tomy Tomica Mountain Drive Playset - Fake Knock-off Toys VS The Real-Deal! Along the lines of memorable toys, last Christmas, my wife and I bought the kids a $g(Thomas the Tank Engine) train set and table.

The bulk of the track is from a Thomas $g(lift and load set) and we also have a classic figure eight set and an expansion pack or two.
It’s been fun to watch her imagination develop and listen to her dream up new adventures for her favorite engines as she plays with the table.
Let me know if you’d like more detailed pictures as these are pretty small and the larger versions show much more. That’s exactly why I shared those pictures knowing how much my kids like looking at trains.
Most of our track is collected from garage sales, ebay, and a store up the road that has loose track pieces that i purchase a few at a time. The real-deal is what we want, it doesn't matter if it's tires, toys, travel, tv, clothes, electricals, we want well-known brand trusted authenticity!
In the example the purchase of a fake Rolex watch is mentioned as an (albeit indirect) support of piracy and therefore a contribution to the hindrance of honest business. By the way, if you haven't already, please check out Jlouvier Productions' channel for some awesome Thomas toy videos!!
Stay tuned for more FluffyJetProductions arriving to your laptop, lounge room, phone, office, library, study, studio, work desk, gaming room, 24-7! I tend to experiment with different designs including multiple separate tracks, continuous loops and multi-level bridges among others. I was never given a train set when I was a kid, despite repeated requests for one, because I am a girl. I’d really like to know where I can get some more risers to elevate the tracks without buying a set with more track (we have quite a lot). Despite first appearances it is not until we put our detective hats on and discover the finer details, that we realise this Thomas play-set is clearly a fake phony in disguise! The moral of the tale is far greater than arguing against avoiding paying the price to purchase a real-deal Rolex.

Many times the design includes a large simple outer loop that surrounds a more complicated multi-level interior layout. One thing you might want to look at is to get an elevated riser section of track and build a small table that could sit atop this table so tracks can be built at different levels. I've noticed the two conveyor belt hill car lifts do not work anywhere near as smoothly as the fluid-motion car hill transporters on Tomica's Mountain Drive track set.
That seems to work well for my two year old who likes to walk circles around the outside track and my four year old who likes the bridges and turns and can more easily reach across the table.
Also, when showing you all how-to build this buildable racetrack what I didn't show was that the racetrack pieces on the Forest Rail didn't always hold together properly during the building process, and at post completion when picking up the toy play rail to move it to another location.
The need to move toys during house tidy up is something that all of us can relate to, and the last thing you want is for the big hypercity style track to come unhinged as you attempt to lift it on to a table or relocate to the children's toy box while everyone happily helps with the weekly house cleaning. The more global transparent awareness and intellectual property infringement reporting we can create on clone copycat production the better it is for everyone!!
And if your kids shared playset needs to be moved without taking it off its hinges and battling through the reassembly and unhappy tears of a child that spent what felt like ages to them helping mom and daddy build the raceway play toy, then of course we want quality. Even if our children don't have many toys, we still want quality especially when making the bigger purchases.
This is because we want something that is going to last, that has the durability to withstand healthy amounts of wear and tear and so forth.

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