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There are a number of different lines of vehicles and tracks, and they are not cross-compatible. To get the most play value for your money, you should decide on a toy line you like and stick to buying within that line. Since I have hands on experience with every type of Thomas track and have a home filled with $100s worth of Thomas trains, I thought I’d share my wisdom with you here. Aimed at kids aged 3 years and up, the appeal of these sets is that you construct them yourself one brick at a time, including the engines. The different Mega Bloks Thomas sets and compatible so you can expand your collection, and either construct the playsets as per the instructions, or freestyle and create your own designs. Since the sets are designed to be easily put together and taken apart again, it is inevitable that some parts come apart during play. Some kids enjoy the challenge of creating different track layouts and moving the buildings around, and other children, like my youngest, may get frustrated and upset.
These trains can be identified as being made of wood, and having circular connecting magnets to the front and rear.
The tracks are easy to put together, as the pieces simply slot together, and there is a a good deal of flexibility in the track joints. The most expensive of the ranges, but also the most durable, and likely to hold its value should you wish to sell your collection on later. Also because they are quite flat, and light-weight, pieces are easy for little hands to pick up, and not too cumbersome to store.

There are dozens of different sets available, each with a building or track features, some pieces of track and a motorized engine. We’ve mixed all of the pieces together, and my boys spend hours with their Dad creating elaborate tracks going around the house, and then set a few of the engines on at one time. There are switches on the track so you can change the route of the engines and prevent a collison, and stop points too, where the trains can make a temporary pause to let the train ahaead get away from them. With these toys you could buy a few playsets and join them together to quickly make a large play area, that is just as easily packed away again.
In photos you can identify them as having small square joining magnets to the front and rear. The engines are smaller than the wooden and TrackMaster trains, and will not fit on those tracks. Hi my name is Cavetta and I am addicted to shopping and couponing…Welcome to the diaries of a Couponista. Upon sign up to our Fisher Price email database the offer will be emailed to your inbox within 1 day. Not only was my kids in love with Thomas & Friends TrackMaster Breakaway Bridge Set, but I did enjoy it as well. I got to review the Thomas and Friends Trackmaster Breakaway Bridge set, and my 3 year old LOVED it! The track held up through my 2 and 3 year old both playing with it and never fell apart, it is very sturdy.

All trains will work on this track and my boys love the turn it takes without tipping over!
I would use on here and there, nothing big or extreme.But then I started doing more couponing and getting even bigger savings and it has been great. Thomas has been his obsession for a year now, and this added to his collection and his joy! He is amazed at how Thomas looks like he is going to come off the track, but he is always able to make it over the bridge.
Target and Toys R Us have this still at $64.99, Kohls at $59.99 so this is a steal to grab for the Thomas fan in your life!
I want to make sure my family is well fed and taken care of and these days to do so mean spending hundreds on grocery and supplies. If order is shipped to more than one address, offer applies to first "ship-to" address only. My son loves to add to this set with other track master tracks and trains to make it even more fun.
I have been saving so much using them that I can have my fridge and pantry stocked at all times with little money out of my pocket.

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