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Compatible with any Thomas Wooden Railway sets, the Starter set contains an oval wooden track with a push-along Thomas and various accessories. Little ones love to be creative with Railway Sets and this Starter set is an ideal way to get your little one started. She ScribesNew York Blogger, Influential Mom Blogger, PR Friendly and Brand Ambassador with a focus on Entertainment, Reviews, Giveaways, Parenting, Technology, Recipes, Pets, Health and Lifestyle.
For his birthday and Christmas we would buy him more pieces for his train table from tracks to train cars and all those fun accessories that made sounds and lit up.
As my children got older (and bigger) there was less and less room in the bedroom for the train table. The first thing I noticed about the set is that not only is it easy to set up (just snap it on to other tracks), but the accessories come off easily so you can re-arrange the roundabout to suit your needs.
I looked for more pieces to set up the track in the toy box and in the boxes under his bed. Learning Curve also carries other great quality educational toys, bath & body care, gifts, car seats and more. This is the famous Thomas and Friends Train toy set, the Thomas And Friends Wooden Railway – Tidmouth Sheds that is durable and fun to play.

This turntable is big enough so big engines like Henry and Gorden fit on it, even with their tender. Thomas and Friends Train toy set, the Thomas And Friends Wooden Railway – Tidmouth Sheds. A fantastic fun method of encouraging imaginative play for any fan of Thomas the Tank Engine. Actually I should say little girl too because my daughter loved to play with trains as well.
The BEST part is that this set is 100% compatible with other Thomas pieces AND similar wooden track pieces.
If you don’t want to use the gate you can simple take it off and use the gate somewhere else along the tracks.
They fit on the track similar to a puzzle (the bigger pieces go in the bigger holes, the smaller pieces in the smaller holes).
The Tidmouth Sheds can be the place to start, this roundhouse is the sheds for the engines.
I think it made him feel good to know that MANY children can enjoy all those train pieces just as much as he did.

When I asked him to set up the track so I could take a picture it was like I asked him to pull out his own teeth. Check out the Early Learners Rock & Roll Quarry Set and the Early Learners Busy Day on Soder Set. The Tidmouth sheds is handmade from real wood and features large openings at the back, making access to the engines easy.
It is held in its place by gravity only, a simple design which requires no effort to maintain. With cute, sturdy and complete wooden train set, this Thomas And Friends Wooden Railway – Tidmouth Sheds is a great gift for any kid, so don’t wait to make your kids happy. He could keep many of the track pieces and his most favorite pieces but the rest we’d giveaway. He’s also a loner and prefers to play quietly by himself rather then engage with other children.

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