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December 14, 2012 by Chrystal Johnson Leave a Comment Both of the girls love building things and any activity where they have to use their imaginations.
So, I was super excited to receive the Tinkertoy Transit Building Set for the girls to play with. It comes with the standard shaped pieces we are used to, but also includes bendable and straight rods, spools, wheels, eyes, two buildable figures and more. The new Tinkertoy design features pieces that snap together and stay together better than the old design. It even includes a guide that gives you 15 ideas for what kids can build at different ages and skill levels (the set is for ages 3+).
If you’re looking for a great Christmas toy for the creative child in your life, check out the Tinkertoy Transit Building Set. The content on Happy Mothering is provided for educational and informational purposes only, and is not intended as medical advice.
Builders ages 3+ can create a train, garage, bridge and more or accelerate their imagination with other ideas! Children will follow step-by-step instructions, connecting connectors, rods, chains, track and more to watch the hanging coaster in action.
Gavyn needed a bit of help as he gets slightly puzzled on the instruction pages, but once the firestorm was built and he turned on the motor (requires 2 AA batteries), his face lit up watching the coaster glide up the large hill and going down and around the track.

Tinkertoy building sets are ideal for the younger crowd, 3+, as pieces are large and easy to snap together. My kids used to love K’NEX, they are such fun toys to play with and you can really let your imagination soar! A basic wooden Tinkertoy set has been given lots of love in our house – it’s one of the favorite toys. While we don’t purposely purchase a lot of plastic toys, I was intrigued by the idea of plastic Tinkertoys since we’ve had several of the wood rods snap.
This allows your child to build something and then play with it for longer periods of time.
Please consult with a qualified health care professional before acting on any information presented here. The Tinkertoy Transit set includes 150 durable, plastic pieces including spools, straight rods, bendable rods, wheels, eyes, two buildable figures and more! Our family has enjoyed K’NEX for years as there are plenty of benefits from developing fine motor skills, imaginative and creative play, social skills and kids gain pride from the creations they build. The Firestorm Freefall Coaster is a 674 piece roller coaster that will promote hours of building time while following the instructions on how to connect the parts to build this fascinating toy.
The provided instruction paper gave easy instructions for my 5 year old to create everything that was on the paper plus anything her heart desired.

Kids can build things like bridges, trains, garages and so much more with this 150 piece set of Tinkertoys. The newly redesigned Tinkertoy pieces snap together and stay together for long-lasting play.
For the coaster there are many different colored parts to build this coaster which has a motorized chain lift once assembled. If you have a child who enjoys thrill rides especially roller coasters, the K’NEX Firestorm Freefall Coaster is the perfect gift for children 9+. There are wheels, eyes, animal parts, pieces for a train conductor, bendable rods and much more.
We receive Tinkertoy Transit Building Set which includes 150 durable lightweight plastic pieces with easy instructions for children to create vehicles, bridge, garage, train, people and more.
I’ve enjoyed building with her, but watching her create the ideas herself has been rewarding.

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