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It was going to be the last official stop on our vacation, after seeing those two Frank Lloyd Wright homes and those three operettas, and I commented online that we were shortly to be heading that way. Irene and I had lots of fun wandering the museum looking at toys from our childhoods, as well as those that were much older, and as we climbed the stairs to the second floor, where I was told the Monopoly collection could be found, I felt more of a connection to the place than I would have had Mindy and I not exchanged a few words online.
And when I discovered the placard crediting the Klaskys for having donated the collection, it made the world feel smaller, and in a good way.
If you liked that, and have a few spare quarters, why not take a road trip to Wheeling and hear the rest of the nickelodeon’s repertoire for yourself?

The Kruger Street Toy and Train Museum enables it visitors to go back and relive their childhood as they bring back memories together with friends, family, or their tour groups. The museum houses exhibits of toys and trains from every era to provide its guests a wonderful, exciting, and enjoyable experience. The Museum offers tours that are suitable for school groups, family reunions, youth groups or church groups, and many others. It also features a scale model of downtown Wheeling and an Ohio Valley Room that provides an opportunity to experience the heritage of Wheeling.

It is housed in a restored Victorian-era schoolhouse, which also hosts its own family friendly gift shop. I thought we’d see something similar to the small wood-frame building that housed the collection of the Yokohama Tin Toy Museum.

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