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Stepping across the threshold into The Lexington Candy Shop Luncheonette is truly like stepping onto a 1940s movie set and with good reason, since their last renovation was in 1948. The Lexington Candy Shop on the corner of 83rd Street and Lexington Avenue opened their doors in 1925. In keeping with tradition, your lemonade and orange juice will be freshly squeezed when you order it and not a minute before, and the syrup for your Coca-Cola will come from a pump, just the way it was done in the 1940s. The vintage interior has been lovingly preserved down to the smallest details and it’s no surprise to learn that the shop has been featured in numerous movies, commercials and TV shows including Fading Gigolo, Three Days of the Condor and The Nanny Diaries.
But their primary customer base are locals, many of whom are younger than the milk shake mixer. The Lexington Candy Shop Luncheonette is located just three blocks from the Metropolitan Museum of Art at 1226 Lexington Avenue, corner of 83rd Street. Read about another old-time New York Luncheonette, just four years younger than The Lexington Candy Shop, and our list of 8 old-school luncheonettes in NYC. Most times the engineers, as I called them all, would wave back and sometimes even blow their whistles. My other railroad thrill was the New York City Subway System, specifically, the Number 6 train of the Lexington Ave IRT line. Every Saturday, my father took me downtown on the No.6 to Grandma's apartment on 10th Street .
Riding the subway was rough and loud; it was the kind of thing where the big attraction was the trip itself, and the destination was unimportant.
From 1959 when I was three until I was about age eight my only toy train was a Lionel 1613S set.
My father and I sometimes walked to Madison Hardware from my Grandmother's on Saturday mornings.
In the time leading up to October 1965, I had just begun what was to be my last ever good year in school.
Going past the lunch stand in the back corner of the 6th floor, year round, was Gimbels' train display - a long narrow loop of track on a table with a foot high glass barrier at the 2 outer sides.
The “Virginian” was Lionel's number 2322 rendition of the Fairbanks Morse Train Master Diesel locomotive. I wanted passenger cars though, and we were about to create one of the train set mysteries that boggle the minds of Lionel collectors to this very day.
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We always rode downtown in the last car, and without weekday delays the train could get up a good speed between stops. All in all, I was destined to either hate trains from being over saturated with them or love and enjoy them throughout my life.
It comprised of the number 247 B&O engine and tender, a helicopter flat car, a Christmas tree flat, another flat car with crates, and a brown SP style caboose. Instead of getting on the train at Astor Place ( 8th Street ) for the return trip uptown, my father would occasionally decide to kill time by walking uptown to the 23rd Street station and there I would dreamingly study everything in Madison 's window. I was in 5th grade only a month, the teacher loved me, and my grades were already in the high 90's.
We knew Christmas season arrived when she would receive a letter from Gimbels inviting her to come in and pick up the “play money.” Gimbels offered booklets of what looked like play money to their charge customers.

Shoppers were cut off from the backside of the table, which protected low wall shelves of Lionel trains and accessories in their orange boxes. We selected the Virginian set with the manager lady and asked if I could get it with passenger cars. There were times when I would call Madison Hardware on the phone and ask for strange things. I have purchased a couple more of those old 247's in order to get the parts to restore my first locomotive. We have the best selection of comfortable footwear and cool shoes from Plae Shoes, Native and VANS. Community is important to us; our priority is connecting with people, both locally and online.
The shop was first opened in 1925 as The Lexington Candy Shop, with the chocolate made in the basement. This is significant because on Park Avenue at 97th Street , the four tracks of the New York Central Railroad emerged from the tunnel that ran south to Grand Central Terminal.
Yes, every electric locomotive, MU car, or New Haven FL9 Diesel that ran on Park Avenue back then had a whistle.
On straight runs like between 77th and 68th the subway train would get to maximum speed and the cars would bang from side to side. The shell exists today as a fuzzy, partially dissolved reminder of a very bad childhood day. Now, my parents were not ones to worry too much about Christmas and they were about to pull a fast one on me. Every freight car was put to the side and into the box she loaded the Presidential cars: Garfield, Harrison, and McKinley.
Eventually it was discovered that some high school guys had girl friends, and my teenage logic figured out that I couldn't possibly get a girl unless I got myself out of the basement and away from trains. Although I now have what I need to fix it, I have not had the heart to replace that old boiler and cab.
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Within these walls, tradition is a way of life from the original coffee urns that date back to 1948 to the original Hamilton Beach milk shake mixer from 1940. By 1948, they discontinued the candy and concentrated on the shop as strictly a luncheonette, serving milkshakes and butter burgers ever since. This was the very place where famous trains such as The Twentieth Century Limited emerged from beneath well to do Park Ave to travel the “ Water Level Route .” A favorite activity of mine as a child was to stand with my father on the pedestrian bridge that crossed over the tracks at 98th Street and wave at the trains. In my imagination the car was rolling wildly - roller coaster style with the jolting from side to side being caused by the wheel flanges hitting the opposing rails and saving us from crashing sideways into the tunnel walls.
I never knew if Christmas, my birthday or any holiday was a reason for giving me the train.
The area where the two screws went up into the plastic from the bottom had cracked from repeated crashes.
In fact, he would always yell at her “it's not play money you know!” Of course any of this “money” that was not returned in January was charged to her account.
We did not understand why there was such a thing as a dummy unit, and in our study of the 1965 catalog in the weeks prior, he convinced me that the Virginian was best. The engine from all those forty-five years ago is just too important and too full of memories to change. Their breads are made just a few blocks away at a bakery founded in 1916 and they pride themselves on the ice cream used in their shakes, sodas and malts– Bassetts Super Premium, which was founded in 1861.
When leaving the 14th Street curved station the southbound train always seemed to reach full speed before the last car cleared the platform.

I did not like the diesel and it was not long before I acquired more paint from Woolworths and caused melting damage to that locomotive's cab also.
For some reason never explained, my parents seemed to know the woman floor manager of the toy department.
So we left Gimbels with a Lionel freight set box that actually contained a three-car passenger train.
I unpacked them in 1982, ran the trains for a few months on a table in my new apartment, and then my new wife helped me decide to sell them all to buy furniture. The curve tightened at this point and the last car's flanges would again hit the rail extra hard and the resulting jolt always reminded me of the Whip ride at Palisades Park . Thinking back, I believe the smell could be duplicated with Lemon Pledge sprayed on moldy paper.
I enjoyed the brown passenger cars and ran them fast, repeatedly flipping them off the tracks. We thus created a set variation for the train collecting community of the 1990's to discuss. When I discovered there was a Jersey Central version of the FM Train Master locomotive I would call Madison Hardware often and ask one of the brothers if they had a ”Jersey Central Virginian”. Fortunately, my original set with the fuzzy repainted glued locomotive was left behind at my parent's house so it was not sold.
As a last resort, my father filled the cracked area with plastic cement hoping it would give the screws something to hang on to. In my child mind, I was trying to duplicate that rough and rollicking subway ride to Grandma's. In the end, that set counted as both my Christmas present and my birthday present the following April. Can you imagine the thoughts that must have gone through Lou or Carl's mind on the other end? I did begin collecting again a couple of years later, but I still left that original set with my parent's. While the cement was drying, I completed the refurbishing by painting the boiler with fresh black paint and adding a new blue stripe to the side of the catwalks. Good thing, because my no longer new first wife sold all the new trains during our divorce in the early 90's. Rather, it was the effort of this older man haggling with other older men that got the train. Getting it wasn't as thrilling as the first one either, and I didn't swap the freight for passenger cars this time. The whole point of the lunch counter was to sell food that was heated inside Amana Radarange Microwave Ovens. In a desperate attempt to save my engine, father tried wiping the paint off with an old rag.
These days I can't run a train on the floor because they are all packed away in storage waiting for endless home remodeling to get completed. This shelf was piled so high with so much train stuff I couldn't take note of what it all was.
To get to the rear, there was a short ramp up and I could tell this was the important area of the store. I've been planning for ‘next year' a long time, but it is October 1965 that I'm secretly wishing would come again.
The cash register was on the back counter in front of a wall of orange boxes, there was a wall of wooden drawers on the left, and a display of locomotives high up on stepped shelves to the right. A man there directed us to one of the piles and he said that was the only stuff in any of the piles that was for sale.

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