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Buying Toy Trains for ChildrenI also hear people say things like their three-year old got a train set because daddy . A few months ago I got the Fisher-Price catalog and saw the new Toys R’ Us exclusive Fisher-Price GeoTrax Christmas in ToyTown set.
Apparently Toys R’ Us wants us all to know that they now have the new Justin Bieber dolls.
San Diego Comic-Con 2010 has passed, but if you were not able to attend or you missed out… You have a second chance to pick up the Toys“R”Us Exclusive “Convention Nerd” from Jazwares!
Now, fans can recreate their favorite Robot Chicken parodies, such as the Nerd’s visit to a Sci-Fi convention with this 5-inch action figure. Art Asylum posted some great shots of the new Marvel Minimates Series 6 that hits Toys R’ Us. It’s a shame too, since TRU is the only big-box store to carry things like Hellboy, Minimates, and others that may be lost. In another news story Toys R Us is opening up 80 temporary stores to help the Holiday Shopping season battle. Toys R Us is expected to announce Tuesday that it will open 80 temporary stores next month in shopping centers across the country, an aggressive maneuver by a company that just a few years ago was nursing its wounds after a brutal price war with Wal-Mart.

Attention Marvel Zombies, members of the DC Nation, video game fanatics and everyone else descending on San Diego: Starting Wednesday, July 22, Toys“R”Us will turn its attention to Comic-Con International, for the first time ever, with a quartet of official SDCC exclusives during the show’s preview day.
On Friday, May 29, select Toys“R”Us stores will give TRANSFORMERS fans “more than meets the eye” by offering them the first chance to purchase toys based on one of the most highly anticipated movies of the summer – TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN. In 2007, BUMBLEBEE was a scene-stealer in the first TRANSFORMERS film and an instant favorite among kids and long-time TRANSFORMERS fans. All text and commentary are the opinions of the authors solely, and not to be attributed to any other parties.
GeoTrax™ are award-winning, plastic toy trains and accessories made by Fisher-Price. Complete with a Top Hat, Sandwich, Magical Unicorn Mayonnaise Jar, Adult Swim swag bag and a 2010 San Diego Comic-Con t-shirt, the iconic Robot Chicken Nerd character is ready to geek out with fans. In a team-up of titanic proportions, Toys“R”Us is partnering with Entertainment Earth to distribute official San Diego Comic-Con merchandise, including toys based on characters from HALO, Sonic The Hedgehog™, the DC Universe™ and Marvel Comics™. Now, kids can pretend to be the fun-loving AUTOBOT with this role-play helmet, which allows wearers to mix their voice through a “radio” — just like BUMBLEBEE — and also features realistic robot battle sounds and radio tune-in phrases.
I have to put it together for him right now but as he grows he will be able to do it himself.

They know what their talking about, there aren’t any boxes scattered about, and the employees are much nicer.
It will also open toy shops in more than 260 of its Babies R Us locations and has bought the rights to its defunct rivals KB Toys and FAO Schwarz. These figures, based on the character designs from the film Hellboy 2:The Golden Army unleash the potential of the Mez-itz designer figures.
Applying the essence of these dynamic heroes onto the canvas like Mezitz vinyl Mezco produces something exciting and original. The track isn't too hard to assemble for older children but you will have to help the toddlers.

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