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Curious, how many days will it be from the moment you finalized the drawings to your est completion date? Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. Copyright ©2016 Armorama and Kitmaker Network, a subsidiary of Silver Star EnterprisesAll Rights Reserved. When I asked them about upgrading the tires, I learned that changing to a 16" wheel meant that the frame would have to be built for that size.

There may be one or two choices out there for a higher rated 15" tire, but that's likely to be it. Which in my case meant a change order ($$$) and at least a two week delay in my build schedule. Cargo trailer has four rows of rivets, as shown in the manufacturer's drawing.Sergio, nice build and weathering. While a 24' would be ideal, it's probably best to start with a 20', see how I like it, see how the truck pulls it, etc.
This row is left off on purpose so that when it comes time to install the floor, it can be slid into place (tilted up on one side, left to right) and then lowered down onto the floor.

The floor sheeting has to fit very tight, so creating clearance by omitting that row of e-track now allows the floor to be maneuvered into place. I'm just happy the tongue and hardware won't suffer rust rot from having the hardware bolted on. If a nice 24' comes up, well then I might just have to buy it and put this one up for sale.

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