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We pay the cab driver 300 Rubles for the trip from the Delta Hotel and enter the beautiful and grand Irkutsk Vokzsal. At 0600 we take the tunnel  to platform 3, go through the boarding routine and enter wagon number 12.  Whoooa!!!!
I find our compartment , where we have 2 lower bunks and above us are two, 30-something Buryats(people from the Ulan-Ude region) or Kyrgyzs,  not sure.    Jeff moves in across from me with a “What the hell did you get us into” look on his face, followed by an “I told you so”. It’s only 7 hours, I reminded him.  We open our  bedding packets, make up our beds, try to find a place to store our luggage, and not wake up the others on the train. By now many of the people who had been sleeping are awake and eating.  The ‘old shoe’ smell is now replaced with the many  fish-like smells of an Asian market. Now a young Uzbek boy of maybe 12 years stops by and asks some questions in English.  Where are you from?   What is your name? Eleven hours after he climbed atop a VTA light rail train stopping rail service on North First Street in San Jose, Calif., authorities talk to Kyle Lewis, 25, on Thursday, May 5, 2016.

Eleven hours after he climbed atop a VTA light rail train stopping rail service on North First Street in San Jose, Calif., Kyle Lewis, 25, refuses to come down Thursday, May 5, 2016. Dispatchers with the Valley Transportation Authority immediately ordered that power be cut off from the train, and the rest of the track was de-energized to quell any electrocution risk. Rail links between the two neighbours will be effective until 5 am (0300 GMT), Deutsche Bahn said. Berlin (Germany) (AFP) - Germany's rail service on Sunday halted train services with Austria for 12 hours, after Berlin announced that it was reinstating border controls as the authorities buckles under the strain of a record refugee influx. Meanwhile, Lewis got as comfortable as one can get atop a train.In the hours after the initial encounter, the 25-year-old Lewis was described as "despondent, agitated and incoherent" as he refused pleas to get down from the train, saying he wanted to disrupt the commute. Its announcement follows a similar move by the Austrian rail service to suspend trains between the countries. Sheriff Laurie Smith called for Manley in the late hours of the standoff."The sheriff reached out to him as another expert in the field to assist," Jensen said.

He alternated between standing, sitting and lying down, reportedly spat at deputies who used a cherry picker to get close to him, and at one point gave them a one-finger salute.It was learned during the encounter that Lewis, whose last known residence was in the small Monterey County town of Prunedale, was on probation for an undisclosed conviction. He was suspected of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol.The clash caused huge ripple-effect delays in the transit system that serves 34,000 people each day in the South Bay. Thursday, when a light-rail operator heading to the train yard to clock out for the night suddenly saw a man on the tracks.
Trains between Mountain View -- where Caltrain connects -- and the Baypointe station were thinned, in part because it prevented trains housed south of the standoff site from entering the track system. As he tore into a bag of trail mix placed in the basket, he was put in an ambulance and driven away from the scene.The minimally harrowing experience drew a rebuke from VTA, which said the incident should bring to mind the inherent dangers of trespassing onto the tracks.

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