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22 May 2012 – The Hubli-Bangalore, Hampi Express collided with a goods train near Penukonda in Andhra Pradesh early on Tuesday morning on its way from Hubli to Bangalore. 16 May 2011– A truck on the rail cum road bridge of Rajahmundry fell onto the railway lines. 19 July 2010 – Sainthia train collision occurred in Sainthia, West Bengal, India, when the Uttar Banga Express collided with the Vananchal Express. 28 May 2010 – West Bengal, the Gyaneshwari Express train derailment,attack by Maoist kills at least 170 people when the Mumbai-bound Howrah Kurla Lokmanya Tilak Gyaneshwari Super Deluxe Express is derailed by an explosion. 29 October 2005 – Repalle Secunderabad delta passenger derailed at Valigonda in Nalgonda district of Andhra pradesh. 9 September 2002 – Howrah-New Delhi Rajdhani Express derailed at 2240 hrs near Rafiganj station between Gaya and Dehri-on-Sone stations, resulting in over 140 dead. 14 September 1997 – 81 killed amd more than 200 are injured as five bogies of the Ahmedabad–Howrah Express plunge into a river near champa station next to Bilaspur railway station of Chhattisgarh. 20 Augus 1995 – Firozabad rail disaster, 358 killed as Delhi-bound Purushottam Express rams into the stationary Kalindi Express near Firozabad in Uttar Pradesh. Mob beats up train driver, burns coaches after accident in eastern India leaves 37 dead Hindu pilgrims were crossing the tracks in the packed, chaotic Dhamara Ghat station when they were struck by the Rajya Rani Express train, an official said.
PATNA, India - A train ran over a group of Hindu pilgrims at a crowded station in eastern India early Monday, killing at least 37 people. Several hours after the accident, flames and dark smoke could be seen billowing out of the train coaches, as protesters blocked firefighters from the station in Dhamara Ghat, a small town in Bihar state, officials said.
Dinesh Chandra Yadav, a local member of parliament, said the pilgrims were crossing the tracks in the packed, chaotic station when they were struck by the Rajya Rani Express train. Railway official Arunendra Kumar said the train was not supposed to halt at Dhamara Ghat and had been given clearance to pass through the station.

A crowd of around 5,000 people had gathered near Dhamara Ghat station and were chasing away the district officials who tried to remove the bodies from the tracks.
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has appealed for calm in the area so that relief and rescue operations can be carried out without any hindrance, a statement from the prime minister's office said.
Bihar railway minister Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury said the mob set fire to at least two coaches of the train, and protesters were preventing firefighters from reaching the accident site. Police said the state government was sending additional forces to the area, but their movement was hampered because the railway tracks were closed. Kumar Ashutosh, a passenger on the train, said that within a few seconds of hitting people on the track, the driver slammed the emergency brakes and the train ground to a halt. District magistrate Syed Pervez Alam said the dismembered bodies of passengers who had been killed were lying on the track.
He said that although the train had been given clearance to pass through Dhamara Ghat without stopping, the driver was partly to blame.
Railway officials said a rescue train on its way to Dhamara Ghat had to be halted at Saharsa because the tracks were blocked.
Monday was the last day of monthlong prayer ceremonies at the Katyayani temple near Dhamara Ghat, a popular Hindu pilgrimage site.
More than 18.5 million passengers travel every day on India's vast railway network of about 10,000 passenger trains.
An incoming high speed goods train powered by a WAG 9 smashed into the truck destroying it and the railway tracks there. Casualties stand at 63 people dead and more than 165 people injured, with many still trapped in wreckage. A mob infuriated by the deaths beat the driver severely and set fire to coaches, officials said.

Groups of young men also smashed the window panes of two other trains that were in the station.
The crowds had blocked the railway tracks and the few policemen posted at the station had fled, state officials said. Rail authorities have shut down train traffic on tracks leading to Dhamara Ghat, Bhardwaj, the police officer, said. He maintained the high speed at which the train was moving, so it was difficult for him to stop when he realized that there were people on the track," said Ashutosh, who was traveling in the first coach next to the engine. The express 56 of the Chemins de Fer de l'Ouest could not brake due to failure of the engineer’s brake valve and was therefore ploughing 30 meters thru the concourse before falling on the street. Yadav said the driver died, but Kumar said the driver was in hospital in critical condition.
Some of them pulled out the driver and his assistant and began beating them," said Ashutosh, who walked nine kilometers (six miles) from the accident site to the nearby Saharsa station.
The train ran over a group of Hindu pilgrims at a crowded station in eastern India, killing at least 37 people. These passenger locomotives have been built in the seventies by Skoda Czechia and delivered to the Russians – nearly 500 peaces.

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